new cumberland locks

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    finally made the trip to the dam...all wickets were open. no fish. people were serious when they say about a mile walk. will go back..
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    If you go to the top of this page, you'll find a "sticky"...pertaining to the river...flow rates, projections and so it and go to River Level Forecasts-Pitts Pa and it will give you an idea of the flow rate and water height. To fish the WVA side, you want a flow rate of less than approx 19 or so. Usually anything higher and they open the wicket on the WVA side. Also go down to Locks & Dams and it will show you the projected water levels for the coming days, with that and time, you'll get an idea if the river will be fishable in the near future. As for the walk, well worth it, way less people than Pike Island for instance. If you go to a thread that I responded to called Pike Island l & d, and go to post #6, you'll see both links I'm referring too. Hope this helps. If ya need more info, pm me. I fish there alot!!!

  3. where do yuo park to fish at cumb lock&dam walk is ok for good fishing fish at pike fair amount of time
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    When you're heading south on rt 2, you'll go past the Mountaineer, I believe it's approx 8 miles past there, you'll come to a fairly large hill, on your right is some gates that will be open and you can see rr tracks just beyond the gates...on the opposite side of the street is a lg parking lot, you can park there. Go thru the gates and head south approx 1/2 mile to the l & d. If you go up over the hill, on top is the WVA State Highway Patrol...if you see that, you went too far. Good luck and check the links in the sticky at the top of this page. If the flow rate is over 19, the WVA side will almost certainly be unfishable due to the very fast moving water from the open wicket(s)!! Pm me if you're uncertain what to look for.Good luck and great's an awesome spot to fish in my opinion!! By the way, you'll get alot smaller amount of people at NC l & d which is why I prefer there over Pike........................