New Cumberland Lock and Dam Baitshop

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  1. Are there any bait shops near the new cumberland lock and dam on the Ohio river? Also, what works best there?
  2. The only one I know of is the gas station with bait in the back. Take the first exit and make a right when you take the bridge to cross over to the WV side. Cant go wrong with shiners.

    Correct me if im wrong someone.

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    Markers Bait and Tackle is down close to Steubenville. 740-424-6530
  4. legendary, do you know the name of the gas station? I went to stratton this Saturday, and i actually had to go all the way out to red's in north lima because EVERYONE is closed for the season. I need minnows or shiners
  5. Dont remember the name off hand. It's been a while and Ive strayed away from live bait. Tryna go pro ya know! haha!
  6. That would be Chaney's Service Station, 300 Carolina Avenue in Chester, WV.
    (304) 387-3982.
  7. awesome, thanks a lot!
  8. just a lil fyi though,, that gas station no longer sells bait, i assure you that usually this time of the year they no longer have bait even if they still did sell, sorry hate to rain on your parade, just trying to save you some time and cussin, but it's rite across from the big teapot
  9. hahaha thanks for the info, bud
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    saugers and a few eyes should be around
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    Been to that gas station myself. I'd heard he no longer sells bait. I generally get mine before leaving my area, than I don't have to wonder if they have bait, or wonder about quantity or quality issues. I find it hard to believe though, that being that close to the river no one has bait, and trust me, I've talked to many locals and there is NONE!
  12. Other than the place neocats mentioned, there really isn't anywhere to get bait around here, which forced me to buy a cast net and now catch my own... There is a place down by Pike Island Dam called the Ohio River Bait Company but is 30 min south of the New Cumberland locks.
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    Why not take the bait with you, it will save you time and probably some money.This time of year the minnows and shiners will last a long time ..........Mark