New Cumberland Damn

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    When I fish New Cumberland damn down on the rocks I get hungup on every other cast can some one give a couple of tips to keep this from happening. All I get done is retieing jiggs and no fish:B . :S
  2. What are the water conditions you're fishing. Current, depth etc. First thought is to throw a lighter jig. If there is current and you've been throwing up current gradually start hitting the water further down current until you can get a good drift retrieve without hanging up each time. Try to stay in contact with your jig as best as possible. Don't allow any more slack line than nessesary to stay close as possible to the bottom making contact occasionally. Does that make since?

  3. Throw down stream and work updtream and you wil get less snags. Also, bait wull have more action.
  4. I agree with Multi Species Angler, you have got to make sure you are in contact with that lure. Fishing on a down stream angle with the current presents it's own problems. What I mean for example is while you see the current flowing in one direction on the surface it doesn't necessarily mean that what's going on below, if I understand correctly, you're fishing from the bank @ the tail waters. (I know you've probably noticed this when you start your retrieve and you line walks upriver and then down again because the current put an "S" shape in your line and next thing you know is that you're hung.) A lot of diferent factors can lead to false conclusions on the position of your lure. Also while the current is sweeping your line down river which is considerably lighter than your bait it's very easy to get lost on the way down if your not paying close attention to your line. I know at times it can really be a strain to even see it. I defiantly would start employing the count down method until you find successful numbers you can rely on. Once you've established a retrieval pattern you'll find yourself not counting anymore you'll just know when your bait is near the bottom when to slow down or speed up. While throwing downstream and retrieving up does work fish tend to look up stream and ambush prey on the way down or hang on the edge where slack water meets faster water. so if you stay with a up to down presentation your % will stay up there. I personally have never been to New Cumberland Dam before but if it's anything like the other three I fish, there are subtle differences but the fundamental are basically the same. And believe me when I say I have lost my fair share of tackle learning each and every one of my spots. Now from a boat it's a different story. I hope this helps I only know what works for me. Timing is everything and if you really think about it that's all it is. Good Luck!!!
    P.S I've heard seasoned anglers say this about sauger fishing from the bank @ Meldahl. " On average you get 1 fish per 10 jigs." LOL