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Discussion in 'The Lodge' started by carxman17, Sep 2, 2008.

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    Well I went to BPS this weekend and bit the bullet & bought my first climber. I am new to deer hunting. Last year was my first time. No luck! Anyway I have limited axcess to private land so I figured a climber was the way to go. I am a large man 6'3" pushing 300lbs. so I opted for the summit goliath. I was impressed. I had it assembled in about 20 minutes. took it outside & was up a tree about 10 feet in no time. I was very impressed how stable it was. I have a 2 man ladder stand, but this is much more stable & quiet. Anyway I can't wait to get out in the woods & really try it out!!!!!
  2. CONGRATS on your new climber, I also use climbers alot they are the best thing for being mobile. Good luck this season!!!!

  3. I believed you chose right. I have a Summit and will never buy another brand. I truly believe they are the best stands on the market. I never leave home without it.

    Good luck this up coming season!
  4. be prepared to sleep well. those things are so comfortable its super easy to fall asleep. hahahaa.
  5. I've taken a few naps in my Goliath. (a few deer also)
  6. maybe I shouldnt admit to it but I wont hesitate to nap in my climber:D I`am on my 3rd one and they each one seems to get more comfortable!
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    I got a summit Viper last year and Kruggy1 modified it for me (to climb with one leg) Im looking forward to using it more this year! 3 does were killed out of it last year. Congrats on the "penthouse of climbers"