New Carpet On Trailor

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by No-Net, Mar 31, 2008.

  1. No-Net

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    I have to redo the carpet on my trailor this spring. I would like to know where I can get the best carpet for the job, Thanks in advance.
  2. DaleM

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    Home depot or Lowes sell good outdoor carpet. I've used it several times and will use it this spring when I change all of mine. If you don't already have them I'd suggest replacing the rails (wood) with treated 2X4's.

  3. UFM82

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    It's precut to fit 2"x4"s and wears well. Use a strong staple gun or an electric staple gun with 1/2" Monel staples to attach the carpet. Use treated wood to help lengthen the life of the wood although treated isn't treated for water resistant so much as bugs. However, it is not as thirsty as plain wood.

    New bunks I made a few years ago for my Sea-Nymph cost me less than $40 to make.

  4. mrphish42

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    Fisherman1800.........Ditto on DaleM's post .......I've used Lowe's carpet more times........ but do check those 2x4 for rot.....saves a whole bunch of time and trouble.........Jon Sr.........PS. sometimes, hands on buying, just beats mail order shopping......
  5. ezbite

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    Ill second hope depot, thats where i got mine at last year. get the indoor/outdoor kind. i used 9/16 staples, just stapled it on the back side of the bunk, then use a hammer to really nail them down.
  6. I used these....

    Hopefully I am done replacing carpet! So far I like them!


    (bought them on e-bay)
  7. Rednek

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    I just completed replacing the bunks and carpet on my trailer. I replaced the 2x6x10 bunks because I wasn't going to spend all the time in removing old staples. The 12 bucks I spent for new treated lumber was worth it to me.

    I also purchased a Stanley electric stapler and used stainless staples. The electric stapler saved a carpal tunnel operation.
  8. freyedknot

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    here's a tip>>>buy new wood and apply carpet. then swap em out at the ramp some crummy day. trying to take all the staples out and carpet off the old wood is a real pain.