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  1. My daughter is looking to buy a canon EOS Rebel XTI Digital camera (18-55mm kit lens) Was wondering if any of you had this camera and what your thoughts were on it also at best buy it is 700.00 bucks was wondering if there was a place that has em cheaper she has lost a cple bids on ebay so far.
  2. I don't have this camera myself, but you can get this camera at for $629.99. They also have a Nikon D60 w/18-55 lens for $639.99. The only difference from the two is that the Nikon offers image stabilization and the Canon model doesn't. IMO for $10 more I would go with the Nikon.


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    or you could save some serious bucks and get the Nikon d40 kit. They go for around $500. I got one after ready a million reviews on everything between $400 and $1000. The D40 is more camera then anyone needs unless they are a serious amateur or professional, and takes amazing pictures. You could take the difference and buy an accessory lens.

    checkout the reviews at
  4. I would purchase the Canon or Nikon from an authorized dealer for warranty purposes.
  5. if she really wants a SLR, then ok. The nikon D40 is a really nice camera - my neighbor has one.
    I had a film SLR for 20 years then switched to a Panasonic 12x digital camera. No lenses to carry around. Panasonic now has a Lumix FZ18 that is 18x optical zoom for around $300.

    SLR lenses are expensive and if all she is going to use is the standard lense, then I'd go with something more like the Lumix FZ18.
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    my husband and i are in the business (photographer and art director) and the EOS series canons are really nice - i own one. the resolution and functions are competitive.

    i agree - if she's saving her pennies for a camera - don't get it on ebay. buy from a dealer that will stand behind the product with a warranty. remember those things are like mini computers and the technology breaks down. hate to see her end up replacing something that could have been covered.

    let us know what she ends up with