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New Browns are the old Bengals

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Tee, Jul 16, 2004.

  1. Tee

    Tee Team OGF

    Got to start the Football Talk. Training Camp Starts in 2 Weeks!

    From the Clevbeland Plain Dealer.....

    New Browns are the old Bengals

    I sure hope He's Right!


    WHO DEY!!!

  2. I guess if they only win 6 games this season 2 of them will be against the Bengals. :eek: As soon as we get rid of Butch and his butt buddies watch out the dawgs will be back.

    Woof Woof


  3. flathunter

    flathunter Mellons mentor

    I am a browns fan, but I have to agree, Davis will be gone after this year if we play poorly.
  4. He was a much better QB then he is a sports anal-yst.
    That being said, what did he have, 2 completions and 3 concussions in his illustrious career? :eek:
    From Dec 28th game recap:
    "Bidding for their first division title since they had their last winning season in 1990 :eek: , the Bengals (8-8) lost their final two games. But this one was especially disappointing because it came against state rival Cleveland (5-11) before a record crowd of 65,362 at Paul Brown Stadium and knocked them out of the playoff race." :eek:
  5. Lundy

    Lundy Staff Member

    To REALLY be like the Bengals the Browns only need to win 6 games over the next 3 to 4 years.

  6. Lewis


    I actually dont think the Browns are as far off as people think.
    We lost ..about 7 games by 7 points or less?
    Garcia and Winslow,along with an improved running game should translate into at least 7 more points per game.
  7. Can I just start off by saying "Roger Brown"?????? Hahahahahahaha, has R. Brown ever said anything correct or not simply rumor he heard and presented as fact while refusing to name his sources??? I notice he's now using an ESPN hack for his "scoop." My eyes feel defiled from seeing his picture on my screen :eek:

    I sure wish the experts Sean and Roger would tell us exactly who we lost either as a player or in the FO that was so darn great that teams are fighting over them.

    I know, it must have been the scouting and personell guru Dwight Clark. :rolleyes: After all his draft picks and FA pickups really had us rolling up the wins.

    If not Dwight Clark, maybe slick and polished Ca. lawyer Don Carmen. His leadership at the top placed us in the elite teams with plenty of cap money to spare. Shall we say he would be a God send for any team looking to put together an elite, financially responsible management team.

    Hal Lannigan.... See Don Carmen.

    Chris Palmer: His runaway train, ran him outta town. His head coaching record in the pros speaks for itself.

    Bruce Airens, founder of the run, run pass, punt offense. When you got a D lining up against your O and daring you to throw with the way the line is stacked, why do you run the Cleveland patened "1.5 yards and a cloud of dust play"??? When Bruce did have a memory lapse andd forgot where and who he was, see the games against Pittsburgh where they were lit up through the air. Don't even get me started on on the tribble reversed on 4th and goal from the one foort mark.

    Foge: There may be a legit gripe here. Now sure where to fall on his dismissal.

    On to the players.... Please Roger and Sean, enlighten me as to who we lost off one of the worst O lines in the NFL that we should have kept. Let face it out O link stunk (stinks) save a few decent workmen. Hmmmm, wholly? Roman "Oley" Oben.... Barry Stokes???? Stoke maybe, he was a team guy and I liked him plus we share a namesake.

    Behind them we had one of the most potent running attacks that struck fear into the hearts of defenses around the league with Prentice, Rhett, Ben G-A-Y. Prentice fell down at the sight of a defenseive tackle, Rhett was simply past his prime and we all know where Ben was heading.

    Tight Ends: Blech. Have we ever had an elite TE after Ozzy??? I Loved the hard nosed Bavaro, but we're talking about this incarnation. Ricky Dudly who whould simply break your heart with dropped passes on 3rd and 5. They rest are just that, the rest.

    Wide Receivers: eh, they're okay, but certainly not elite KJ WAS one of my favs until I started watching him taking a dive short of the first down marker rather than get hit. Seeing him catch a pass streaking down the sideline wide open only to get caught from behind nearly made me lose my lunch. Alot of talk from KJ, just not alot of walk. Good hands, but beyond that just alot of hot air. Northcutt, we kept him and I for one am very, very glad. The kid is a play maker.

    Switching sides of the ball: We got/had/lost what over the last few years on the D line???? Roye is consistant and steady. Warren needs to shut up and put it up. DE's we've got a solid roation I think, Courtney needs to stay healthy so we can get his solid performances on his side week in week out.


    MLB: One word, Walleye. lead the team in tackles; too bad most were 5-10 yards down field after he read and reacted WAAAAAAY too slow. Homes... I liked Earl, but he was a stop gap to get walleye off the field. Holmes was a solid player on bad wheels who's best years were behind him. I'll take my Walleye in the livewell and not between the hash marks please.

    WSLB: Rudd, is Rudd. Glad he's working on his tan in Florida.

    SSLB: hmmmm, I'm struggling here to find that household NFL name that we lost...... Maybe someone else can help me. Jamir Miller is it. Had one good year, claimed he had mad skilz, got greedy, got hurt then got retired.

    Safetys: Only two names really come to mind here. Wiffith and Little. There a pair of names that'll make teams shudder and certainly not what I want the enforecers of my secondary known by. Little purposly (yes I said purposly) missing tackles on J Lewis sent me into a cursing fit that would make a drunk sailor blush. Just ask Earl and he'll tell you he's not on the field to tackle. When my FS would rather eat dirt than tackle a RB his butt should have been fired before the final gun sounded. Fortunately for Browns fans everywhere his replacement is already on the roster. Wiffith: long on head hunter, short of solid tackles. Again fortunately his replacement is already on the roster (too bad he's out now for the season).

    CB: One name, Fuller..... Puhlease..... his first two years he was burnt toast. Developed an 'tude and had to go. Glad he plays for the ratbirds now. certainly fits in with he new team bettewr than the browns. Baltimore don't hand out team rosters, they hand out the police blotter. Like Holmes, his best years are behind him and his annually injured hamstring.

    so maybe I ommitted some names from the list, but it was unintentional. Please someone help me understand who was lost from this team that was gonna lead us into the "Big Show"????? Roger and Sean are great at what they do and their names are certainly up there with the greats in their field like S. King and Hunter S Thompson. Kings of fiction and drug induced fantasies... Say what you want, but each of these wannabes and tweeners are either off the squad or their replacements are in Da House. Many thought Butch was on crack when he said we were a good team save a few plays here and there. Fear not, I though he was too. But looking back on it, he may have been right and he's taken the initiative to get the dead beats responsible for those plays off the field.

    Oh and can I say Bwhahahahahahahaha. The Bengals have one good year out of the last 10+ and look at them tossing stones at the other teams. Bwhahahahahahahahaha. Show me that last season wasn't a fluke before you start talkin eah. Any other points you'd like to debate from that article, I'll be happy to join in. let's talk some FOOTBALL!!!!! :D

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  8. hardwaterfan

    hardwaterfan Twinsburg, OH (NE OH, northern edge of Summit Co.)

    The Browns are gonna win the Super Bowl this year.

    (Now dont get crazy, sports fans....I say this every year! :) )

    Gotta have least until that hope gets crushed like an empty pop can under the front wheel of a bus....

    GO BROWNS!!!!!
  9. JV1


    go browns!!
  10. Chuck P.

    Chuck P. Here We Go Steelers

    GO STEELERS.... :D
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  11. catking

    catking Banned

    10-6 this season for sure. Platoffs are very possible. Browns, Steelers & Ravens will be weak. THE CATKING !!! ( Nice book blance :rolleyes: .... :D )
  12. Chuck P.

    Chuck P. Here We Go Steelers

    Well, you have the "getting run over by a BUS" right anyway..:D :D :D

    Now where are all the other STEELER fans?
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  13. hardwaterfan

    hardwaterfan Twinsburg, OH (NE OH, northern edge of Summit Co.)

    pfffft.....steelers shmeelers... :rolleyes: