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  1. Well my grandpa got me this old ( i mean OLD late 70's early 80s) bow, a BEAR Flaire. We took it to dicks sporting goods and found out that the draw was way to much and they and we were unable to fix it. The draw was around 31 inches. My draw is 28. So that bow i got was a waste.

    so we drove out to Dans archery and he too told us we were unable to fix it. On the way to dans we stoped at this one fellows house and he was selling this decent PSE crossbow with 3 bolts equipped with broadheads and it came with a scope mount, he was only wanting 100. We passed to see if we could get my bow fixed. We were unsuccesful so we stopped back at the guys house but turns out 2 guys showed up and pratically fought over it.

    we were driving back and he said do you want to get a new bow from dans and just pay/work the money off. i said hell ya! lol. So we went back and we got me a PSE Nova, 70# but he cranked it down to about 53 since it was my first bow and need to get use to it. Got an arrow rest ( not a whisker biscuit because i need pratice first) and some 3 pin sights.

    Well i bought my self a target and was shooting aluminum arrows my granpa had but i bought some carbon ones from bass pro. I fixed my sights and my rest and now its shooting beautiful!

    I will be loading some pics of it soon. Being my first bow im really happy! but in debt lol
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    That is awesome! My first bow was a PSE Nova. They shoot well and make a fine deer hunting bow. Good luck! I hope you get one!


  3. Sounds like you are a very lucky young man to have a grampa like that,

    lessons taught from grand parents weather they be life lessons or hunting lessons are some of the best advice a young man or women can recieve, it will stick with you forever,

    I'm sure you do, but appriciate what he's doing for you, not everybody has grand parents who take the time to pass on things to thier grandchildren...Consider yourself lucky
  4. my first compound was also the pse nova. great bow to start out with and it kills deer. I killed my first buck with that bow brings back some memories.
  5. I do appriciate it very much! Right after posting i went out and practiced for about a hour or 2. Its so fun, right now i only have a decent target from walmart for 30 bucks. On one side it has the dear broadside showing the vital organs. otherside it was like 5 circles with a picture of a cartoonized deer head. I used that side to sight my bow in.

    Right now im in school and cant wait to get home and target practice again. Although there is a welt/bruise the size of a half dollar on my arm, i plan on getting an arm guard and learning not to have the string hit the arm.

    I also plan on getting my climbing tree stand today from my father who is buying it for me for early christmas gift.

    WHAT IS THE BEST WAY TO LEARN to use the treestand? to practice i would imagine. Well any advice i would love, thanks
  6. Watch the video that comes with the stand and then go out and find a suitable tree and practice. Practice hooking it up and climbing quitly. You can also practice on different trees to learn to level the stand.

  7. make sure you tie the 2 peices together like you are suppose to!!!!.... I thought id never loose my bottom half... and a bad time to learn the hard way is when you are 15 ft in the air...
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    If you are having a problem with the string slapping your arm, shorten your draw lenghth. I was doing the same thing and someone told me that it was due to my draw lenght being too long. I had it shortened and more string slap. I only went down 1/2" and made all the difference.
    Good Luck!!
  9. You can also keep the string off your arm by adjusting your stance while shooting. I had similar problems until a guy at a bow shop showed me a new way of standing. If you are standing with your feet perfectly parallel try turning your lead foot out a little bit and sliding your back foot forward a little. Doing this opened up a whole bunch of space between my arm and my string. You'll have to play around with it to get it just how you like...or it may not work at all for you......but something to try. Congrats on the new bow....and I hope you gave your Grandpa a HUGE hug!!!!
  10. Yesterday i went over to dicks sportinggoods and bought an arm guard. It was only around 10 dollars and it covers my whole fore arm. I had a gift certificate so i didnt spend any thing. Havnt tried it out yet. I am actually when my grandpa comes over. Im also going to show some pictures.
  11. While the arm guard is not a bad idea you need to keep in mind that when hunting you will have a lot more bulk on that forearm when hunting. Even an arm guard may not allow you to shoot without slapping the guard. This can throw off you shot and cause more noise on the release. The suggestions about shortening your draw length should really be considered. I believe that is the biggest reason for string slap problems. You should be aiming more out in front. The slap is usually because you are pulling completely across your body and are turned too much. Also make sure the front elbow is not locked which can cause it. I would suggest going back to the pro shop that you bought from and have him take a quick look at your form. I don't know anything about that shop but I am sure he is very capable of pointing out any problems in your form if there are any.

    Good luck on the season and keep on practicing until you feel comfortable that you can stick the arrow right where you need it to be. And set yourself limits on the stand on distance until you develop the accuracy for further shots. You should be able to get shot opportunities under 20 yards which is a good limit to set until you prove to yourself that you can move on out.

    Hopefully we will see a picture of your first kill on here later this season.;)
  12. Just something to think about, I've always tried to shot my bow while wearing the same cloths I'd be wearing in the woods, Sometimes it gets to hot, so the under armour & outer coat dont always get worn, But I do try to wear a long sleved shirt, which I'd wear in the woods anyway, mosiquitos, and a light weight jacket, with this I dont need a arm guard,

    If you havent shot your bow while wearing the cloths you will wear in the woods, ya might wanna shoot a few arrows with it on, it can make a diffrence, bulky cloths or loose cloths can cause unseen problems in the field, and best to find it out in practice than when ya got a 12 point standing in front of ya...
  13. i bought a case today at walmart for like 20 bucks, cant beat that. Im gettin ready to take some pics and upload them. Hope you all enjoy.
  14. here are some pictures.
    ( the pictures of the arrows is when i pulled a robin hood and shot one right through the other at 20 yards!)









  15. Congrats on the Robinhood!!:cool: Now, quit doing that it gets expensive. One suggestion is to apply shrink tubing to the metal prongs on your rest. That shhhhh sound of the arrrow being drawn across those metal prongs will spook deer. Other than that you got a solid setup with a good quality release.:!
  16. thanks, where can i get shrink tubing?
  17. You can get that shrink tubing just about anywhere that sells bowhunting gear but I'd be willing to bet you can get a lot more at a better price out of the auto department at Wally World!!
  18. Heed this advice I got busted last year by exactly this problem. I had little pieces of plastic over the metal but there was still enough of a noise to spook a doe at 15 yards