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  1. I just got back from Vacation in Wis, and I looked at new lunds up there. Why are the boats about 3 thousand cheeper then over here? Cant figure it out. Its better to go up there for 2 tanks of gas then spend 3 grand more here. How do you all feel?
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    Arn't Lunds buildt over in Minnesota? It has to do a little with shipping the boats here, I'm sure that adds to the price. Its usually best to look away from the lake if you want to find good deals. Around here, everyone just about expects top dollar when they sell, new or used. Deals can be found though if you look around, and sometimes, the deal finds you.;) :D

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    Yup, seems stuff commands a premium around here.

    FWIW - my mom and dad bought a new Outback camper this spring, and after shopping around found the best price in Indiana. Soooo, after calling back some of the local dealers and mentioning that for a tank of gas they could save $3,000 one of the local dealers matched the price. So if you're buying new, and you can show the dealer you'll go elsewhere to save a buck, they may play with the numbers a little more. :D