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  1. Buying a 18 ft pontoon the weight in the book is 1800lbs.I was wondering if I need trailer brakes?My truck is a 4+4 ranger with 4.10 gears,4.0 v6 .Thanks for any help.
  2. Not sure I understood your ??? Is there a trailer coming with this package or just a boat? Most packages with trailers come with mechanical brakes already. I would definetely check before you buy. Hope this helps.

  3. Yes there is a trailer but no brakes.
  4. you need brakes on that trailer, surge brakes work well ,nothing speical to hook up , your truck will not stop a 18ft boat safly.
  5. For an accurate answer, get your owners manual out and find the gross combined vehicle weight limit and it should be less than weight of your vehicle, contents, passengers, boat/trailer. I would assume that the gross limit ensures adequate braking, among otter things like suspension, trannsmission, cooling, engine, etc. Aslo, check gross vehicle weight limit and it should be less than vehicle, passengers, contents, trailer tongue weight (usually 10 to 15% of trailer/boat weight). You will also have limits for axles, but not usually as limiting as above two limits for towing scenarios.

    I just ran through all the limits fore my van to make sure i can tow the next boat of my dreams with the addition of a tranny cooler and load levelers. I plan to buy the hydraulic surge brakes on the trailer for a piece of mind in terms of stopping in an emergency.
  6. Does anyone have a ruff est onprice for surge brakes?
  7. I think Tracker wants about $500 if ordered from factory.
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    The number you're looking for is 2,000 Lbs. That's the cut off point for Ohio state law requiring brakes on a trailer. That would be the total of boat, motor and trailer.
    As others have mentioned, you will be fine if you have brakes on the trailer but without them with your truck, you will have a difficult time if you need to make a sudden stop.
    Just my .02...and I'm out...!
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    Yes. Order the trailer with brakes. That Ranger has small rotors and the first time you have to stand on the brakes it will warp them. Believe me, I,ve been there. Raider
  10. DMV says brakes on a trailer with an empty weight of 2000.Is it hard or cheap to get my truck wired for the brakes.Thanks for all your help guys.
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    No wiring is required for surge brakes. The actuator in build into the trailer tongue. Electric brakes will require wiring as well as a controller inside the cab.