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  1. Hi again! First, I want to say thanks to EE, Doctor, Salmonid and Skunkedagain for their input on my single console versus windshield debate. I decided that the windshield was better for me!

    I finally found a boat that's right for me. It's a bit of a fixer upper but I think I can handle it. It's a former Indiana Conservation Officer boat.. a 1998 Crestliner Sportfish 1850

    Where can I find new/used parts? I'm looking to replace the console dashboards, since they are really sun faded!

    Since I saved a bunch of money on this boat, I'm thinking maybe buying into Humminbird's "Side Imaging Technology". Any input? (If it matters, my main fishing target is Ohio River catfish.. and occasionally lake bass)
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    It will depend on how deep your boat sits in the water, and what kind of water you'll be fishing. I'm guessing this Crestliner is a Deep V? If it were me, I'd go with a 52 inch - but if you plan on fishing waters like Erie or waters with a lot of big chop you could go even longer than that.

    Yes and no - but there is more to it than that.

    Here is a link with helpful info. from MinnKota:

    Haven't used one personally, but if I had the money I would get one in a heartbeat. That $2,000 pricetag is my biggest hangup. ;)

  3. Thanks Swollen Goat for answering my trolling motor question. I have edited it out and added one new question:

    Where can I find new/used parts? I'm looking to replace the console dashboards, since they are really sun faded!
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    But you may be able to find stuff at outlet sites that handle old stock stuff. try and see what they have. They routinely have take-offs from new boats and may have something you can use.

    As for the side imaging stuff- some may liek and and want it but for Ohio fishing, I can't see spending that kind of jack. Will it help? Depends on how good you are at interpreting the info. It can't hurt but is it worth the money? I don't think so IMHO. Professional T guys, guides, etc can benefit from it but how hi-tech do you have to be to catch catfish? I can do it (occasionally :p ) and I have a B/W unit on my boat.

    eBay can be a source for parts like you need but you need to scour the site as many times they are not listed where you think they are. Utilize the search engines and hunt. Not many boat "junkyards" around here but there are more in the south and southeast.

    Good luck with it. Should be a solid ride although the gov't boys can be rough on stuff for certain.