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  1. Okay, I am finally serious about saving for a real boat. I have been doing a ton of shopping on the net for the best boat for my needs. I think of all that I have looked at the Bass Tracker Pro Crappie 175 would best suite my needs, but I thougt I would ask my ogf buddies thier opinion on tracker boats or any other boats for that matter.

    Last year I became very turned on to Crappie fishing, it is my new passion. Before that, I was into bass fishing. I never got excited about bass fishing as much as I do about the crappie fishing. I like all the options of the crappie boat, but I could still bass fish from it and even get in a pot tourney or something if I felt the desire.

    Anyone else have any suggestions or reviews for this boat?
  2. Marshall

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    My advice is to get what you like. Nothing wrong with the trackers you mentioned. My most important advice is to buy from a dealer with a good service reputation. For Example Knox Marine and how well they treat their customers, but they sell lowe not tracker. I have had good service from Pauls also. There is a Tracker Dealer up at Indian lake but can't speak for them, never dealt with em. I think you would be better off buying from a dealer than going to bass pro shop and getting it. Good luck on your boat research.

  3. I agree-get what you like. I am Lund fan-I own 2 a 14 footer with a 15 hp Yamaha and a 18 1/2 foot Tyee with a 125 Merc. They are both very impressive and capable boats. I also like Crestliners, G3s and Alumacraft. As far as engines go, I don't think you can go wrong with any of 'em. I am of the opinion that pretty much everyone makes a good, solid engine these days.

  4. I agree with what everyone has said here. If you want to look at another option click on my signature. My company carries ultracraft fishing boats. I know we have one or two 07's left over and you could get a great deal on a nice boat. Our boats have a better hull design than the Trackers for close to the same money! If you have trouble finding them on the site go to the jon boat thread for instructions on where to find them on our site. Good luck finding what you need. There is a lot to look at out there!
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    If you're buying new, initially your dealer will be your biggest factor in the whole experience good or bad. Make certain they aren't just selling you a boat and then forget about you off after the papers are signed. When/if something happens you want to make sure they stand behind their product and will get you back on the water in a timely manner. Talk to others who bought boats there and ask if they've had any problems and how were they handled. Do your homework and make sure you're spending money at a place that wants your business for a long time and not for the quick sale.
  6. Well said, you hit this one right on the money! Bass Pro shops won't take care of you!
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    It all depends on what you are looking to spend and if you are wanting a good resale value . Trackers are ok , but personaly I do not see myself with one . For a good value in a boat check out this link . That price is just awesome and close to what you would pay for a Tracker . Just take your time and dont jump into something you may not actually like . Look some boats over real good and decide on a boat that you will keep for a long time that fishes the way you want to fish .
  8. WOW Phil, thanks for that link, that Triton is sweet. It is so much nicer than the Tracker and only $900 more. I never knew Triton made a small bass boat like that. The only option I don't see that I really wanted was a bait well, guess I could just stick a minnie bucket down in the live well or something.

    Thanks for all the input guys, looks like I have alot of research to do still yet. I have plenty of time, I'm not going to be able to make a purchase till summer.
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    Stratos makes a little bass boat like the triton also, just to add to your selection.
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    After much research, I bought a Triton.
    I was looking for a boat that I could utilize to fish the smaller less pressured impoundments, and the bigger more active waters throughout Central Ohio.
    My top picks (for what I was looking for) were: Triton & Alumacraft.
    You may want to call Paul's Marine and ask for Ron. He's a pretty good help.
    Also, there is much to be said about service after the sale. If you deal locally. And with someone who's been in the industry for a while. You'll have better odds with... Service after the Sale.