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  1. ok i just got a new baitcaster my frist. I hope to practice all wonter do i can be ready in yhr spring. on the left side it has a dial with numbers from 1-10 what is this for (no book with the reel as i bought as a combo) thanks
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    Its the braking system. 10 meaning all breaks on 1 meaning all off but 1. Start off with many breaks on and work your way down. Tie on a 3/8 jig and make small side arm casts, then try to pitch with it. Just don't try to throw it hard till you get used to it. Must backlashes happen when trying to throw your bait too hard or into the wind. Learn to use the knob next to the handle in conjunction with the brakes.

  3. thansk marshall i plan on using it mostly for flipping
  4. here is an easy way to setup ur baitcaster and is the normal starting place for beginners plus its a good place to start to setup ur baitcaster with different weight of lures, place the rod n reel at 45º relative to u standing up, push the button and let the lure fall to the floor, if the spool stops spinning and not letting line out then the break and tension are set, if not u wanna adjust the tension in very small incriments and repeat the process click the button and let the lure drop if the spool stops its set, from here u can set ur breaking to adjust it further, this is a basic start up set up that all the baitcasters ive owned have explained in the booklets they have come with. the breaking will progessivly get tighter with each turn, sometimes u can use it to help with birdnests in windy conditions or lighter lures, ive always used this pre set up when adjusting my baitcasters new and when i reline them and never had problems.
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    Bassattacker's tip is a good one. I use that all the time when using various sizes of baits. I also use it when I buy a new baitcaster which I have not had any experience with yet. It kind of gives you an idea of how fast the spool releases line.