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    Hi Guys and Gals,

    I just wanted to inform you of a new bait/ tackel store on the west side of cleveland. I was informed about it earlier this week by a gentleman while I was fishing at the Emerald Necklace Marina. As luck would have it I needed bait and remember the gentleman had given me a business card for it. I know a lot of bait store are closed or will be closing for the winter but this one will remain open for the die hard winter anglers. It is an upstart bait store that is in the process of getting more items in and with the help of Mark (Bassmastermjb). They should do just fine because we all know that we needed a bait store on the westside that can supply our needs in throughout the year.

    Thanks mark for helping them out and I'll be stopping out there soon too to pick up some things from you as well!!!!!!

    The owners are really nice people and appreciate the business and their prices are very reasonable so on your nest fishing trip stop in an show them some love and how much they are welcome to the fishing community.

    Store Info:

    3436 W.41ST STREET


    Map of the Area:

    You may need to copy and paste itno your browser

    I am not sure what time they open. i do know that they close most evenings by 6:00 but they are very willing to serve the fishing community and if you call them ANYTIME after hours they will come and open the doors to allow you to pick up what you need to make your fishing trip complete. .:cool:

    Be sure to stop in and say Hi:)
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    NICE, Another place to get worms and minnows since I usually launch at Edgewater. I get off at 41 and take the back way to Edgewater, can you tell me where this store is on 41st like N or S of lorain for example, just trying to picture where it's at.

  3. It's south of Lorain, on the corner of Woodbridge and 41st.
  4. My ole neiborhood... Thanks for the Info.... We'll have to check them out..

  5. Left hand side of the street. Gotta stop and shop soon!
  6. Mapquest shows it will be fairly close to both I-90 (W. 41st) and I-71 (Fulton Rd). Just dont leave your boat unattended, some of your gear might disappear.
  7. ...Goby Run ..A good friend of bassmastermjb who own a bait and tackle at Lake Rockwell...You have to stop and see his place...he has just about anything you need...and if he dosn't he will get it for you...As for Goby Run he just opened recently sure to patronize him when you can.....C.L.........
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