New Bait Shop in Bluffton

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    FYI there is a new shop in Bluffton. The guy was located in Mt. Cory but moved into a building in town. I can't recall the fellas name but he has a nice thing going there. He has minnows,crawlers,waxies,and leaches plus other tackle. I am not advertising for this guy, I just thought it was a long time coming for the area. If anyone is interested I can give you directions.;)
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  3. I would like to intoduce ourselves. We are the owners of the Bait Shop in Bluffton. My name is Kimberly and my man's name is Jeff. We are adding inventory all the time. For those of you who were in the shop right after opened, we have doubled our inventory! We are carrying ice fishing items and we will be open throughout the winter! If you guys have any questions, email us at We will do Our best to assist you. I am going to make a thread and share with all of you what we have to offer! Thanks for the support and hope to see you at the shop!!!