Never fishin' GMR w/out steel leader again!!!!

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  1. Lost 2 lures this morning while smallie fishing. Had a saugeye hit on a rebel craw then saw me and took off with it. About a half an hour later I was throwing a shad rap and thought I was hung up. Then my drag went screaming and I gave it a second to set the hook. I could barely turn it back my way and then my line went slack. Could only think it was a huge pike or even a cat.

    So if anybody catches a big pike on the GMR with a firetiger shad rap still hanging on, you are Welcome!!!!HA
  2. Sorry for you loss, but excellent story. What part of the GMR were you fishin?

  3. HAHA! Don't you love those kinds of things? Which are of the GMR were you fishing?
  4. I was fishing North on Needmore, South of riprap.
  5. Im getting ready to head to the tipp city area of the GMR, by the 571 bridge ( Im taking my Loomis set lined with 30LB Fireline... bite that pike lol )
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    braided line is by far the best line ive ever used. I have 3 poles with different # test.

    10# - Bass, Bluegills, smallies,
    20# - Bass, Muskie
    50# - Catfish

    To give you guys a true story with my 10# braided line 3 years ago at CC. with a rapala. I was fishing off the handicap platform under SR73 bridge. I got hung up on some debris and as I was trying to pull it loose it began to slowly move towards me. It wasn't a fish. I kept moving it slower and slower towards me. As it came into view i could see it was a rope. i moved it in again closer towards me and grabbed the rope. Needless to say someone had lost their anchor and my 10# braided line pulled it in approx 25 feet. I have not bought any monofilament line since this happened.

    I have told all my friends about this and several has switched to braided.

    Braided also does not retain memory like monofilament line. I am still using the same line from 3 years ago that has not had to be respooled since.

    Give it a try. Im sure you will love it.
  7. All but one of my rods are in my boat. I haven't had any problems catching saugeyes with this setup, until today!
  8. I have seen some people pull some big fish out of that stretch of the river - usually the walking bridge off Wagner Ford by where it turns to rip rap. That whole area seems to be a killer though I seldom make it out that way.
  9. Funny story...

    I just got back from fishing tonight and hooked into a big shovelhead (could tell by the way it fought) which straightened out the 50 lb. stainless steel leader I had tied on. And I'm talking a really nice leader that I got down in Florida for saltwater fishing. The cat just ripped the hook right off of the leader.

    So...moral of the story, if that cat's big enough, the leader will do you no good. Instead, you'll probably break your line and then the fish will have your lure AND the leader.