Nesmith 7/12/08 & Long Lake 7/13/08

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    Hit Nesmith on Saturday morning from about 10:30am-1pm...couldn't buy a bite. Water was chocolate milk...tried for both bass and cats...nada! First time this year I've been completely:S :S :S

    Sunday I went to Long from about 11am-8pm. With the water being stained there, the front just going through, and a decent amount of boats I thought it would be a "less than average" fishing day.

    Trolled and drifted at various depths throughout the main section of the lake from the beach to the beginning of the cove of the tusc. and from the rockwall to the beginning of the same cove. Was picking up a few perch and pumpkinseeds, went back up towards the launch ramp while dragging crawlers with split shots, and picked up more pumpkinseeds.

    Got bored with the little guys, so I kept a pumpkinseed and cut him up for cat bait...went into several canals that litter Long Lake...anything over 5ft. and there were fish.

    Lots of little guys, with two of the largest fish being in the 3-4lb range (only one came on cut bait) the rest on a combination of green/regular crawlers on the same hook.

    Wished I would've spent more time in the cat holes in the canals as opposed to drifting the main lake. Had one double in the yak with the channels, and found another hole where I picked up 4 cats in less than 10 mins. They're coming off the spawn, go get em!

    Best day in terms of numbers this year:

    Cats: 9
    Perch: 4
    Pumpkinseeds: infinity