Neshannock Creek, PA

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  1. TMK


    Had a great time fly-fishing the delayed harvest area of Neshannock this evening with my son.

    The creek's running a little high, but it's very fishable.

    Best flies were #16 brown stonefly nymph and a #6 white wolly bugger that my son was using.

    Neshannock's a beautiful place to fish. At times when you're there, it's hard to believe your only 20min from the Ohio border. Has the look and feel of a remote fly-fishing trip.

    Definitely a peaceful diversion from the usual boat trip on Mosquito this time of year.

    Although, the boat's ready to roll, so I plan to be hitting the eye's hard soon too!
  2. Cutt'em Jack

    Cutt'em Jack Musky Madman

    I like neshannock also. I like fishing by the orvis shop and upstream from the covered bridge. I've caught a few pike in there also.