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  1. I live in Strongsville and have had limited success with cats in the immediate area and was wondering if there were any decent spots for cats between say Medina, Lorain and Euclid if I were to triangulate it...Thanks
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    There are several good lakes in the area. Spencer, Findley St. Park, Wellington Upper and Lower reservoirs, Charles Mill, and lot more are all good for channel catfish action. Rohr's Lake in Nova is an option if you don't mind paying $10 to fish.

  3. Thanks, I've been to most of the above but never really went there seeking cats. I started fishing strictly for bass thinking I was gonna be the next Jimmy Houston or Bill Dance now i'm a decent steelheader and get my fair share of walleye and perch but a 12 lb cat in Wills Creek got me hooked on Cats.
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    Doesn't take much to get hooked on catfish, just ask Doc.

    I've never fished Wills Creek, but I hear there are some monster Flatheads in there.
  5. Im from middleburg heights. I know a few places. we could get together sometime and hit a few places once the weather breaks a bit.
  6. Sounds good to me....Thanks
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    We have done pretty good at the pellet terminal in Lorain the last few years. It is right next to the police station. Pm me and we can hit some local waters.