Neighbors Opposed as Tackle shop could be new Brewery District Bar

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    A beer with your bait
    Monday, March 31, 2008

    The owner of a modest fishing shop in the Brewery District wants to build a bar to sell beer with the bait. A little nightcap to go with your night crawlers.

    "We want to open this thing up and have a little fun with it," said Bill Wentzel, who has run R&R Sports Headquarters at 781 S. Front St. for more than 30 years.

    He wants to build a 450-square-foot patio out back for the summer months and carve out 300 square feet inside to sell beer, wine and maybe some sandwiches and pizza from about 4 p.m. to midnight. It'll be small -- 15 seats inside and 18 outside. "Everything will be real nice. First-class," the 70-year-old Wentzel said.

    The problem is, some neighbors don't want it, fearing more parking headaches, noise and crime. Wentzel lost a fight over parking last week: The city said he needs seven spaces if he wants to open the bar and patio; he didn't want to add any parking...

  2. Give the guy a freakin' break! He's trying to make an honest living! Why is that so difficult in this country these days?

    His clientele poses no threat to the neighbor's safety or the overall quality of life in the immediate neighborhood. Let's face it...folks that are going to hang out at a tackle shop for a beer and a few slices don't exactly constitute a wild and crazy party crowd. Renovations to his shop would likely improve it's aestetics and, in doing so, could possibly increase surrounding property values.

    Residents should welcome these types of improvements to their area, especially when they live in a downtown, entertainment district. Sure, I'm in favor of pulling Major Woody's liquor license. The FACT that it is a cesspool of crime and violence is something that I've witnessed first hand - places like this should be shut down, no questions asked. We shouldn't, however, hold that against a 70 year-old tackle shop owner that wants to supplement his struggling business by offering additional products and services to his long-standing clientele, which consists mainly of sportfishermen, perhaps the most atimate wildlife conservationists/environmentalists among us. They, as a whole, are every bit as, if not more, concerned about their surroundings than the next-door neighbors.

  3. i agree with dKilla, and his idea is a very very smart one, what fisherman doesnt like sitting down eating a meal drinking a cold one while telling the days fish tales with fellow fisherman, i think its a awsome idea and wouldnt pose no problems at all like a true bar/club would, people wont be coming to this type of place to get hammered and chase ladies around, the parking thing he would have to change cause im sure its in the zoning codes so many parking spaces = to seating considering 2 people vehicle, he should get in contact with a civil engineer in his location who could easily smooth this over and make it happen. very cool
  4. I say let them serve beer. This isn't Russia.....Is this Russia, Danny? The guy is trying to make a living. The only problem that I see is I would get all drunked up and start buying lures... a man could go broke in there without proper supervision.
  5. I own a Meat Market......Beer flows every day......

    Customers Happy to shop......

    Now you all my problemn.....
  6. So many bars and carryouts in that area I cant see what difference 1 more would make:confused:
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    a guy in the brewery district wants to sell beer!!!!!!!!!!!!
    that sure takes alot of nerve.:D :D :D :D :D