Neighbors dog gets killed by hawk

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by NITRO-RIDER, Jul 7, 2008.

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  1. Just thought I'd share a story that happened this past weekend. A woman in my neighborhood used to walk her overweight chiwawa (spelling?) around the block every few days. The dog was very freindly and wanted a quick pat from anyone who was outside. I get a call from my wife earlier today, she told me that the woman left her dog on the porch, for just a minute to go inside and get something from the house. When she came back out, she saw a hawk in the street, on top of and eating her dog. I don't know what happened after that but the dog was already dead. Earlier this year I witnessed a small duckling get taken and eaten. I thought that it was a very cool thing to witness. Seems much different knowing that the same thing happened to someone's family pet.
  2. Thats sad to hear about..I know how I would feel if something happened to my dog, my In-laws have a the same dog and I told them about a fox I had been seeing in the area, they didnt seem just never know though.

  3. How did the dog get from the porch to the street ?

    I hate Chihuahua's and I love hawks but this is a bit too much.
    Something that no one would ever expect could happen.
  4. Fishman

    Fishman Catch bait???

    Sad to hear of someones pet getting killed honestly.... but come on... that's completely bad ass!!

    Both my dogs go about 50#'s each, and the one loves to eat birds when she catches them(and she does). It's the circle of life friend :D
  5. Mushijobah

    Mushijobah Urban Angler

    If this is true.....AWESOME. Not that a pet was killed, but a hawk took out a freaking dog!
  6. This is somewhat close to what you are talkin’ about.

    About three miles down the road a pair of Eagles have been nesting in this big Cottonwood tree for the past 5 or 6 years.

    Every now and then I’ll get back in the woods and check under the nest, just to see what the adult birds have been feeding the little ones.
    I have found
    A lot of fish parts, all kinds of fish -- Crappies, catfish, carp, bass and a tone of Blue Gills.
    Animals -- Woodchucks, opossum, squirrels, raccoons, just about every small animal you can think of.

    Now under this tree I have found over a dozen small flea collars, cat size.
    And what appeared to be a small puppies head, this could have been a baby Coyote.

    Now I’m not saying that the Eagles killed all of those cats because they do feed on road kill as I have seen them pick dead Raccoons’ off the road more than once. But it is amazing what the raptors will do to feed their young.

    If I get back by the nest Woodchuck hunting I’ll take a camera and get some pictures of the litter of bones and skeletons under their nest, you have to see it to believe it.
  7. When I first read this I thought the exact same thing.

    Blue Pike,
    That is a awesome story!
    I would love to see some pics, gotta love Raptors! Very cool birds.
  8. DaleM

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    What is so "Cool" about someone losing a pet? How would you feel if it was your pet that, that happened to? Those remarks are uncalled for. There is nothing neat or cool about it at all. You guys really need to get out and fish and stay away from here for a while.
  9. Seaturd

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    Raptors fascinate the heck out of me and Blue Pike that will be a cool photo if you can get it. Sucks to lose a pet but that hawk was just doing what comes naturally.
  10. Take it easy! Don't "assume" I was implying about someones pet, that is awful. I just couldn't beleive it would take a dog, not to mention a overweight one at that.
  11. DaleM

    DaleM Original OGF Staff Member

    Reading your post There is no way anyone can assume anything but what you stated. "When I first read this I thought the exact same thing."
    I rest my case.
  12. My father-in-laws neighbor has a bunch of ankle biters. They aren't all Chihuahua's but are some kind of mix. Anyway these dogs love to come over to my Father-in-laws for a little back rub. There is a big yard between the houses and it's all these little guys can do to get over there. One day they were running full speed and out of nowhere a big hawk swoops down and grabs one. I guess this guy was too much to handle because after the hawk got up in the air, it dropped the dog. He dropped from pretty high up but that isn't what nearly killed him. They had to take him to the vet because of the serious puncture wounds in it's back. The dogs fine now.

    When I was a kid, I had a big tomcat named Sam for a pet. He was big and mean to most other animals and some people, but we got along great. One day right before dark, the family was out back by the woods and Sam was perched on a big limb where I was petting him. I had just walked away from him for a second when out of nowhere comes this huge owl. It tried to get Sam, but he wasn't having any of it. I don't think I've ever seen him move so fast. We were all ducking and scattering too.

    Saw a hawk take a robin in my back yard a couple of years ago, that was cool.
  13. Thanks for trying to read my mind. what I was refering to was "but a hawk took out a freakin dog."
    I rest mine.
  14. While in Alaska, I talked to a man that saw a poodle get carried off of the beach by an eagle. An older lady was walking the dog down the beach and the dog got about 50 yards from her and out of no where an eagle flew down and picked him up and carried him off out of site. I guess the dog was barking at everything and bothering everyone that was trying to take in the alaskan landscape. Now, I did feel sorry for the lady losing her pet but after getting a few beers into this guy, he sure could make funny story out of it.
  15. misfit

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    i "assume" some people don't actually think about how their written word comes across at times.
    yes,raptors are very intriguing birds,as are their hunting habits.but how that translates to "cool" and "awesome" concerning killing of pets,i have no idea:confused:
    as mentioned by nitro-rider,there is a difference and i doubt those who think it is so awesome,would say the same after watching their own pet become they prey.
  16. I saw a hawk outside my home office window in Westlake (suburb of Cleveland). Not in the woods - a cul-de-sac neighborhood. First one I saw here, and especially interesting since it was sitting outside of my 2nd floor window on the edge of the gutter. After a few minutes of checking it out, it suddenly went into a quiet drop and came up with a small rodent. I have been trying to get these guys from digging holes in my beds using various methods - now I know a sure fire way. Hopefully the hawk comes back to get rid of the rest of them.
  17. liquidsoap

    liquidsoap Pay-it-foward fisherman

    Seen an a bald eagle take a carp out of ladue last summer.
    Most insane thing I have ever seen.
    Wish I had a video camera.
  18. Hey, I'm with you Muskyman. I left out the words "cool" or "awsome" just to be sensitive to my neighbor. She is older and the dog was the only other thing living with her, so it has to be bad on her. But, I grew up in the country and was raise with hunting, fishing and nature just being part of the natural order of things.
  19. Watching a bird of prey in nature doing it;s thing is awsome but not doing it's thing in some one's nieborhood and certainly not with anyone's pet.
  20. Lets think for a moment. If you were, lets say at Ponderosa for dinner and they said you would have to run 5 miles to get to this cake you wanted or they said you can have the cake at your table already, which would you eat. The Birds of Prey taking pets sucks, i agree, but as a man of nature, every thing alive will take the easiest meal, it is life you know. I don't think anybody is stating that a pet dying is a good thing, yes it is very sad, but don't give human qualities to inhuman things. It is natures way. With all this tree huggin and leaf lickin I am going to have to run and find a kleenex.
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