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Needing Knowledge on Smokers

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by JimG, Sep 17, 2004.

  1. I return again to get some knowledge.
    I bought from a lady today, a Old Smokey Electric Smoker , never used and still in the box for $50.00. I put it together and did the burn off, but to be honest I never smoked before. Would like to smoke ribs, chicken and turkey.

    Is chips or chunks better to use with this unit ?

    Any suggestions anyone has would be put to use.

    This unit needs no water since it seals tight and they say on their web site to use only a handfull of wood which seems like a small amout to me ?

    I hope to make jerky alot since I seem to go through alot crappie fishing, so here's a newbie here guys and galls and could use some advice.......

  2. should use water. keeps moisture in the meat. chunks of wood are better as they last longer!

    Good luck, and its easy to do!


  3. Dont use water in the smoker but instead soak the wood chunks atleast 6hrs. this is all the water you will need. the electric smokers seal tight and the meat baste itself.these smokers are easy to use and produce some of the best ribs you`ll ever eat.just remember that a small amout of wood chunks will go along way.start out slow and experiment with different woods and spices it can be alot of fun.

    Here is a site i found with some directions as far as cook times and recipes :

  4. i use a handful of wood chunks. i only soak them for an hour or so. dont put water in the wood bowl. you should have a metal bowl above that where you can put your marinade and water mixture in.
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  6. How to recover ribs from the ashes.... By Lakeraider :D
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    LakeRaider EEEEEK!

    Dave, I cover this method in chapter 4 ! :D Raider<><>