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  1. My family decided were going to get ourselves a puppie. But I want to get a good choice, I want a small to med sized dog mostly a house dog ive got a
    .1 acre fenced in yard Ive got 3 kids from 11 to 14 years old. I want a dog that usually doesnt have a whole lot of unusual vet bills. Easy to house break and isnt big on barking. Do you guys have any suggestions?
  2. My in laws have a boston terrier that is very good. I perfer a larger dog, but from what you described, my experience would lean toward the boston.

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    As a child my family raised springer spaniels. This would be a perfect dog for your kids and you. Please look into these dogs. Very good with childern also and loves to run.
  4. Bluebuster6912. I would be afraid to metion a specific breed based on what you are asking. As soon as I would say such and such, someone would come and say that they had one and it was always at the vet or some such thing.
    My recommendation would be to go to your local shelter and save a life. There are a lot of good dogs that come from the shelters. You may save yourself the time and trouble of house breaking also.
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    Once you decide what type of dog you want to get, try looking on for a match. It is much better to adopt a dog than to go to a pet store and buy one, much cheaper too. They are not all adult dogs, many puppies are available. Thats where we got our 2 shepherd puppies a couple of years ago and we couldn't be happier.
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    I would most definitely look at finding a dog either through a shelter or petfinder. If you don't want to go that route look around your surrounding community odds are someone in the area has a pet they did not control and are looking to unload puppies that will end up at the shelter soon enough. There is nothing to be gained from spending a small fortune on a pet from a breeder or store.
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    I totally agree with the adoption crowd. If you go that route please don't limit your search to purebreeds. They are largely overated when it comes to a quality family pet. I've had several dogs and the overall temperment of the mutts has probably been the best. Be careful at the shelter if you go, it's hard to leave with just one.;)
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    One of my friends got a boxer/elk hound over the summer and it might be the dog you are looking for. He will only be medium size 50-60 lbs, comes with all their shots and has never had any vet problems. In addition the breeder is located here in columbus fyi. Easy to house break and isn't a hyper dog. If you want more info PM me. Here are some pictures.


    This is my fav picture of all time. My dog punching my friends dog in the face.
  9. I know they might be bigger then u want but im a labador fan, great temper,smart and easy to train.
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    The boxer is an excellent dog, very friendly with kids, very outgoing, never moody, like's to play but not to much to the point it's annoying, they like to lay around and like to be left alone alot of times as well There is a boxer rescue as well, our family got one from there he's a great dog. They are shorter hair dogs, typically don't drool and aren't to picky about food, not typical barking type dogs either and they don't grow that big and learn very very well.. My dad took one to obedience school and won 1st place, he beat out a shepard that was going to be a police dog if you can believe that. . We've had 4 boxers over the years and my friends have a couple as well, big boxer group of us, all of them are great dogs.
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    I second that motion:) I'll admitt I bought my 7 month old blue heeler puppy.... but when we decided to get a second dog, we decided to adopt. It's almost sad to see how many available GOOD dogs there are out there. The one we adopted is a sweetheart, and dare I say better behaved than the 7 month old!

    I'll never buy another puppy again! Check out adoption, it's an awsome way to go.
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    Golden Retriever All the Way!
    Or a lab... Good for alot of stuff and are great with ppl!
  13. I just bought a chocolate lab at christmas. Definitley a great dog. Had it potty trained in 2 week's. In 2 months, I would say there have only been 6 accidents in the house. Labs may be a bit bigger than what you are looking for though. My dog is estimated to cap at 100 lbs.
  14. Well I got a English Springer Spaniel and shes a really good dog with my kids. My girl friend has a golden retriever and hes a good dog too but a little hyper yet at 3 years old. Looking to get a dog from a shelter is a REALLY GOOD idea due to you are saving that dogs life. Just my 2 cents.........Rich
  15. I had beagles my whole life some can be what i like to call the music makers of the woods or neighborhood but a great dog I have switched to pembrooke corgis what a blast but tend to be a lil hi strung and loud. So i guess this is more of a warning thread good luck.Fishman whats the tempermant of that blue heeler i always thought those were cool looking dogs.
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    Do you want to take a dog fishing or out to woods? Then get a working class dog as you will have so much fun. I have a 115 lb Choc. lab she will be 3 years old in May but I wouldn't trade her for the world! There are a lot of great breeds out there. But so far the Labs are the best dog I ever had bar none. Very easy to train.
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    Man....the information train is down the track....... I believe each post has given you good (to Great) pointers on some does and don't....and your going to get alot more....I've been a dog owner almost 50 years....... had alot of breeds. One of life's biggest problems< Man will always out live 4-6-8 or more more of his canine friends> his live time... Pick out the opinions that appeal to your level of thought and go from there..... Only will add, shelters have some really great dogs.....but you might have to visit more than one. Hope you find your hearts chioce and happy memory making to you.
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    Ive always had dogs and had a great springer spaniel once,,,was very friendly smart etc etc etc.Thought id have the same luck and bought another springer and it was dumb as a box of rocks,,,,lol.

    My wifes friend had one of these new breeds a Labradoodle and she kept saying how cool,friendly ,smart it was.Well i never heard of them so i did some research and found out about Labradoodles and Goldendoodolee,,,,suppose to be great family dogs with low shedding and hypoalergenic.

    To make a long story short we got a Goldendoodle,,,father is a standard poodle and mother a golden retriever.Very Very friendly dog when it comes to all humans and other dogs.Doesnt shed,,is very calm and easy to train.I cant say enough about him,,,,everyone always wants to know what kinda dog he is etc etc etc.Heres a pic of him and just wanted to say that i hear alot of good things about these goldendoodles they are very friendly family dogs.

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    I didn't even recognize the dog without a Rogue hanging out of his nose.:eek: man what a night that was, the dog is better off without it :D
  20. Labs are a bit bigger than it sounds like you want but they are a great dog. We have 2, a black and a yellow. The Black (Old Grouch Mama Dog) is about 85 lbs, and the yellow (Mama Dog's Daughter) is 125 lbs. She is my own little cow. They are great with our kids, they only bark if someone comes in and if I tell them to hush, they will or if I tell them to speak. The problem with sometimes getting a smaller dog is that they have a lot of energy. The labs shed a lot, but it isn't long like a Golden Retrievers. Altough you have older kids, you may want a dog with a lot of energy. My kids are little and they lay on, pull on, and pretty much annoy the crap out of them, and they don't retaliate. Did I mention they are easy to train? It is great!!