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Need to know where to creek fish near Lima !!!!!

Discussion in 'Northwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by FloridaFishTransplant, Aug 9, 2008.

  1. Hey Guys , I am in the local lima area for the next few weeks working and really need to find a creek or creeks that I can hit for some action tonight and tommorow. I am up here from Marietta area and this time of year we are killing the creek fish so I want to give it a try around here. Can travel a little but would rather stay close to lima. I found the ottowa creek but was not sure if it was fishable , the area is north of town with no signs like the creek has in the city that say No Fishing. Any help would be great as I am bored shitless sitting in the hotel room.
  2. the auglaize river is great! my avatar is a picture of me when we were fishing the auglaize! go to shawnee area

  3. Well I tried the augliaze on Sunday and did not get anything besides the small rock bass. Are they good to eat ? I ended up hitting the northern side of the Ottowa river lastnight and boy did I slay them. I ended up getting 13 smallies with the average size being about 10" or 12" but I did land 2 of them that went 14.5" and almost 16" , also caught 4 largemouth all about 12" long , and so many rock bass that I lost count. I think the cooler weather is helping to move the fish around a little more. I am going to hit it again tonight. Used a red tailed mepps with a silver body & blade. Had a blast though since I was on ly fishing for about 2 hours.
  4. fxs


    Fft Hope Your Not Eating Many Dorsal Fins Did They Have?
  5. Which fish are you talking about for the dorsel fins ? I really was not paying attention to them when I was gettin them.
  6. I would not eat any fish out of the Ottawa river that thing is just alittle bit polluted!!!!:rolleyes: Not to sure about the Auglaize. I'm sure someone else will chime in here and let you know for sure.