Need to Find a Full Size 4x4

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    I used to have a awesome Silverado - I actually just put new brakes on the front about 25 hours ago and 24 hours ago, some ahole came off an on ramp onto the highway, spun around and hit me head on. Luckily my truck took the beating . . . was totalled, but I was able to walk away with only sore muscles, back and neck.

    Just after the accident happened, I was out of it for a couple minutes, the cops were there within less than 5 minutes and somehow inbetween that time the person who hit me fled the sceen on foot! Our State Highway Patrol has yet to aprehend them either! God was definately looking over me but im pretty :mad: about my truck.

    Im looking for a truck with the following
    2004 or newer
    low to average miles
    extended or crew cab
    half or 3/4 ton
    clean - accident free and literally . . . clean
    pwr doors and windows

    would also like to see
    power seat
    bed liner

    I would prefer a toyota tundra, chevy 2500 or Z71 or ford F250

    If anyone out there can help me out with this search I would greatly appreciate it. I have to get into something before this spring so I can tow my boat and fish Erie.
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