need to find a clip to secure antenna while is down position?

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  1. I'm Lost, and am hoping somone can help me here. My Father in law is looking for some sort of clip he can use to secure the end of his marine radio antenna whil it is in the down (storage) position. He has a little rubber clip/griper thing, but it is breaking and won't hold the antenna tight. To complicate things, this is a walk around cabin, and the antenna needs to be bent to curve to the contour of the cabin when stored. Idealy I am looking for a stainless or chrome plates clip with some sort of retaining latch that would safelysecure the antenna. Any Ideas?


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    I have the same problem with my Trophy. The boat came with a hook that looks like a J. The antenna is supposed to rest on it. It will stay for a while but when the boat start bouncing around, it comes right out. So I bought a rubber antenna clamp from West Marine for under 3.00. The way my cabin is contoured it will not work on my boat. If your boat is like mine, do not waste your time on buying it.

  3. His is a Trophy 2052 (2004 I think). We used the rubber clamp (same as avalable at west marine) from his previous boat, but the antenna just pops out, and the rubber clip is now cracked. I was just looking at the J hook style one, but can't see how it would work for this boat without modifications.
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    a nerf ball put on the end of the antenna while you're running is a cheap fix.
  5. i strap mine to side rail with small bungee...generic but works...would love to have a clip that works
  6. Yea we know what happens when it isn't fastened,you fly the OGF flag sideways down the interstate!
  7. go to the hardware store or to your local furniture store. what you need is the clip the holds an armoire door closed. or the same from a tv stand. it's a pinching style clip you need the female end. i cant find a pic online right now but i hope this explains it enough.
  8. Not sure if you guys can use this on your setups but I use something like this. On the end of the antenna is a small plastic clip with a round bottom. On the boat there is a metal plat that has a half circle. The clip slides in to that plate and snaps. Is this what you guys are currently using? Sorry this picture doesn't show it really well. The tennis ball is a vibration dampener :D

    I use these same clips and plates on my dock bumpers so I can take them on and off easily.

    EDIT: This is basically want I use but the eyelet part on mine is plastic. Just slide the eyelet part on the antenna so that all you have to do is clip it in place when you put it down.

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    Thats the ticket-dock bumper holders! I once owned a marina and we put them on all the boats.
  10. Could you somehow attach 2-sided velcro to the cabin and use that to hold down the antenna? I'm sure you're not looking to put new holes anywhere, but you could put a screw through a washer (all stainless) and drive that through a piece of velcro and then into the cabin or whatever and then silicone/waterproof around the hole. You could even install two or more of these depending on how long the antenna is and how much pressure there is needed to hold it down.

  11. SPECTACULAR!!!!!!!!!!!! Perfect fit solution
    Thanks!! OGF comunity comes through again