Need some tech help on a Big Screen TV looking to buy.

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Fish4Fun, Jan 12, 2008.

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    Ok, i got a new harley in 2007 so the wife and kids want a big screen.

    What should i get i am looking for a 42 inch or bigger and i will buy the stand to put it on and i want to get into all this for around $1,400 or less.

    What pixels 780 or 1080 what do i need and what are the good ones and the ones to stay away from?

    Do i want plasma or LCD?

    my wife will hook up her Playstation 3 to it and it will get used as the family tv in the main room of the house so it will get alot of use trust me we have 4 kids.
  2. I don t have the latest info but can tell you my 7 year old Toshiba 61" Cinema Series has worked about nonstop ever since I got it, no probs so I highly recommend the toshibas.


  3. I researched this topic for quite some time a couple months ago when I wanted a big, new TV.

    I ended up with a 42" Panasonic plasma 1080i

    I ended up going to the big box stores, cash in hand, and ended up with the Panasonic PZ77U from HH Gregg for $1380 out the door. Their sticker price was over $1700, and Best Buy, which was right next door, wouldn't budge from their $1849 price tag.

    The TV is nothing short of badass. I can put my memory card from my digital camera in it, and do a fishing slideshow.

    Stick with 1080, and get the non-glare screen.
  4. Fish4Fun

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    Thats what i need to get all this figured out so when i go Cash in hand i can work me a deal and know where i should be $$$ wise and componet wise for the biggest tv that is the best for me at the best price.
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    Another vote for HHGregg here. I did the same thing as Het a few years back. I got my 51" Hitachi for $1200, it had a $1799 price tag on it. I think they even cut me a deal on the delivery.
  6. I would say shop around. I bought a Toshiba 42 in LCD TV last April. I was actually in a bit of a bidding war between Circuit City and HHGregg. In the end, Circuit City gave me the better deal, so I went with it. Now, I don't claim to be an expert in TV's, but I was told to stay away from Plasma TV's. Don't ask me why, but my brother-in-law, who researches every big buy, told me, so I trusted his opinion. All in all, go with what feels right.
  7. Another one for HH Gregg. Sony, Samsung, or Toshiba for LCD's. Panasonic for Plasmas and Mitsubishi for DLP. I just bought a 46" Samsung 1080P LCD for 1500.00 and Best Buy had it on sale for 2200.00. The following day I planned to go back and get the 52" Sony Bravia XBR4 1080P LCD for $3700 and ended up buying a Samsung 120Hz 1080P LCD for $2700 that normally sells for $3500. All TV's I was looking at were in the top 3 according to Consumer Reports but the sales on the Samsung's were too good to pass up and these TV's are awesome with Game Mode and everything. Very satisfied. If your wife is going to hook up the PS3, I say stick with 1080P and go with an LCD to get the most out of your video games and blu ray and avoid the possibility of burn in. All TV's are getting better with burn in but LCD's are not subject to it at all. The downside to the LCD's is the viewing angle not being as wide and the black's not being as dark as a similar plasma TV. To make a long story short, plasmas and DLP are better for movies due to the level of blacks and coatings on their screens and LCD's are better for video games and rooms with bright light. Based on what you have said so far, I would be looking for a 1080P in LCD as these TV's are so good now that you won't be able to tell the "upsides" from the "downsides" when you are at your home with one in front of you instead of 12 side by side:D
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    I'm going to rock the boat look at the pioneer plasma's put them next too a LCD and you will change your mind eveytime. You may pay a bit extra but you will be glad you did. If you can jump up to the 60 you will know what I mean.
  9. Make sure u get an LCD tv they have a longer lifespan than plasmas.
  10. I just picked up a new TV about 2 weeks ago. I had decided to go with LCD based on 2 things. LCD's do not reflect light compared to plasma units. The second was the knowledge of a co worker who is an addict when it comes to TV's and computers. He has seven HD TV's. Advised me to go with LCD technology VS plasma. Right now plasma will give you more inches for your $$ since the big todo about them is settling down. They do have deeeper blacks but I do not think it matters that much. In the long haul the LCD should outlast the plasma in quality picture. I ended up having to choose between two Samsung units. I bought the LCN-4661. (46")(about $1400) The other unit was the LCN 4657. ($100 more) The 4657 is the only LCD I saw with a glossy screen. All other have a matte finish. Glossy screen = slightly sharper picture but you get more light reflection. I did like one or two features on the 4657 but decided on the 4661 due to my room having many windows and a large sliding door. I love this unit. The picture quality is outstanding. (any unit you take home is going to look good). I can move to the side of the screen and the the picture quality does not degrade. I believe it is nearly 180 degree viewable. I would get either a LCD, my choice, or plasma. (stay away from the rear projection, etc.) For HD TV your eye will not be keen enough to tell the diff between 720 and 1080 but for video and blue ray movies you should go with the 1080. It is the current technology. Something to keep in mind as you move forward. You can obtain HD broadcasts from your vsat or cable service or from over the air transmission. You will pay a premium for HD service from your cable or VSAT service. Also remember you can have digital signal with out HD but you cannot have HD without a digital signal. Anyhow if you want to do some research with the risk of getting even more confused I advise going to There is a ton of great information there on many electronic devices. Good luck and enjoy.
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    if you watch the TV for a long period of time, i would definitely go with a plasma.. the LCD seems to gives me the headache after watching it for more than 20mins.. while i can sit in front of my samsung 42" plasma for hours and have zero problems.. and with the newer models of plasma, they are bright enough to stand in any bright living rooms too..
    i vote for a Samsung plasma.. :)
  12. i too have samsung plasma. make sure you use hdmi for ps3 to get true 1080p.
  13. Highdef forum or avs forum will have all the answers you need. Sam's Club and Costco have good deals on HDTV's and they have a good return policy.
  14. Whichever tv you decide on, make sure to change the settings as soon as you get it home. The tvs are set as bright as possible from the factory so that the picture looks vivid under the lights of the big stores. Mine were cranked when I got it home, and I had to adjust it to get a better picture for my light settings in my living room. Some of the HD forums have a settings guide for some of the more popular tvs.

    They say that an LCD tv will last an average of twelve years if watched for ten hours a day, where a plasma will last ten years if viewed for the same number of hours. When I was shopping for my tv, I found the plasma picture to be superior (in my opinion), so I was willing to sacrifice the two years for the quality of the picture.

    Once you start watching HD tv, it's hard to watch standard tv.
  15. Over a year ago I bought a 62" Toshiba HD, 1080i--and still believe it is awesome. Two things though: turning the TV on takes a whack at the life of the bulbs (?) as if it had ran for many, many hours. So, if you're gonna be out of the room, or away from the TV you may consider leaving it on to save the life of the bulbs; and second, consider purchasing an extended warranty. The salesperson talked us into the warranty due to the life of the bulbs currently in the set (in that they would burn out within a year). Sure enough, they went out and we had it replaced under the warranty. In the end, we paid less for the warranty than new bulbs would have cost (and I still have 2 yrs. left on the warranty).
  16. if you're going to be using a play station with might want to do some research. seems I just read something where the plasma's were not good for playing games on...maybe something to do with the burn thing? You may want to try getting some more info on it...try googling "plasma tv and video games" or something similar.
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    Make sure you go 1080p w/hdmi and check out and I've had good luck with both. amazon will price match for 30 days after you buy, (if the price goes down, you get credited the difference.) I've got a couple of samsung tv's in the last year and I wouldn't change a thing.
  18. I didn't want to get into all this, but it's too tempting not too.

    I just bought a 50" Vizio plasma from circuit city - and got a full 5 disk, 1080 HDMI, 5.1 Panasonic surround sound for $100 more. They matched sears, but didn't know what surround sound it actually was - so they "gave" me this one - which was valued at $489.

    I was going to go LCD, but Plasma is better for everyday tv watching and movies. LCD is better for the 'gamers' out there, where if you play for hours a day, a plasma will eventually get the "burn in" that you hear about.

    We are extrememly happy with our TV - it's SOOOO much better than the 52" rear projection RCA that we've been watching for 4 years now........but it's been a really good tv. it's in my "man cave" now.

    I really wanted to get the 1080 plasma, but for the price we got - this 720 is just fine!!!!