Items For Trade:

I have started loading for 17 Mach 4 . This particular round loves the Remington 7.5 primer. I really don't want to buy any more as I have enough primers.

So if anybody has some they would like to trade for any other brand and any type.
Federal , CCI , Winchester. The sole exception is large pistol. I don't have enough of them. During the " great primer shortage " the Remington 7.5 was the cheapest option I could find. At that time I wished I would have bought more of them.

Anyway could use another 500 or so. Money wise who ever trades will make out. That is not a concern for me. This is a one for one no cash involved. My location is near Berlin Lake. PM or post here. Will have to be face to face exchange. Hazmat fees and regulations leave out shipping.