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  1. I'am interested in purchasing kayak for fishing. Here is what I think i need to consider as for my size. I am 6'3" and weight is 275lbs. I have long legs. I primarly want to use at places such as Ladue,Mentor Lagoons,East Branch and maybe on the Grand River. I would say more on Lakes than the river. The cost of towing my boat and the hassles of being by myself most of the time. It just seems to be a better option. Any suggestion would be most appreciated
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    get a canoe big boy youll have more room for gear, coolers, poles, company

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    Being a larger guy, I'd check out the Pungo by Wilderness Systems, if I remember right. They're 12 ft long. A littler one like my 9fter might be a little too small. It'll work good for all those spots you mentioned.
  4. There really would be tons of options. Most of the manufacturers are producing kayaks designed specifically for fishing now, and I would think that you are well within their weight limitations unless you are planning to take a TON of gear. Seeing as you intend to mostly do lake fishing, I would highly recommend a sit-on-top model. Those would also be benfecial due to you being a bigger guy and having much more room for comfort.

    I personally own a Heritage Redfish Angler 12' and love it. You might even consider the 14' version just for a little higher weight capacity and tracking on the bigger water. Most of the manufacturers have some very similar products, but I found that this had the best value for what they included stock.

    If price is no limiting factor, I would look into what someone posted in another thread with the Freedom yaks.
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    I'm not big on the sit-on-top models. Not too good in colder spring and fall weather....
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    I received a tandem for Christmas last year and thought about giving it back. Glad I didn't. I have room up front for an extra person or gear and it is pretty roomy. Tracking is a bit off but it gets me where I want to go. Mine is one of those discount models. Definitely worth it.
  7. I agree with the Native Watercraft recommendation. I am 6 foot 220 and have a Manta Ray 12. It's extremely comfortable and stable. As for the comment concerning staying warm and dry, I was on Ceasar Creek Lake 12/29 with Hodgeman Light weight waders and was quite comfortable. Honestly, I have owned a canoe and find these kayaks more comfortable, convenient, easy to handle and very accomodating when it comes to fishing. If you want a 16 foot fiberglass canoe, I know where you can get one cheap. Mine is not used any longer.