Need some info on Vehicle Titleing

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  1. I just bought a car and its titled from FL... So my question is.... Can i get a title for it(in my state-ohio) without getting an inspection? Someone told me I had to get an inspection from the Ohio State patrol before going to the deputy registrar to transfer the title...??

    Out of state title... need inspection or not?

    Thanks for any info


    best to call the title company and bmv but i would say it would need to be inspected

  3. It needs to be inspected but it is only a VIN # check.
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    Go to any auto dealer and ask for an "OUT OF STATE" inspection. I think it will cost about $4.50 Then it's off to the Title Bureau. My wife does Title Work for a living. Hope this helps!
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    Can't you just have it inspected at the BMV? That is, as long as the particular branch you are at is a titling office or registrar. I bought my current car out of state and had everything done at one stop.
  6. Yeah I had it inspected to day by the BMV and got it taking car of. Thanks for the help.