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  1. What all do I need in my boat to be legal? I have a 14' semi-v bottom boat. I figure an anchor, life jackets, a throwable life jacket, a whistle(for noise maker) but what else?

    I'm just trying to get ready so if I get checked I won't get in trouble...
  2. Fire Extingisher, flares and air horn.

  3. only need extinguisher if you have an out board. you also need at least one oar, a distress flag, and if you use it at night lights. i cant remember if you need all 3 lights or just the white light on rear.
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    pfd for each passenger(type I,II,III),anchor,visual distress signal.
    those are required.all others are optional,including navigation and anchor lights,which are required only after dark.
    there are exceptions for erie,oh. river,musk. river(fed. waters).

    check the link provided by bob4246.
  5. I carried an extinguisher in my 14' aluminum V because I installed a flat wood floor. The watercraft boys at Alum told me it was required due to the modification.
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    the only time a fire extinguisher is required on that size boat is if the fuel tank is enclosed.the reasoning is possibility of build up of boat had a deck in the rear that was closed on front,but open on the back.the tank was under it,but partially exposed at the rear of the deck.when inspected every year,the dow agreed that i did not need the extinguisher,but i always kept one onboard,which i advise with an outboard,regardless of boat design.

    from the dow regs..............................(the key word is "open")


    i agree with carrying a fire extinguisher and on my 16ftr i have 2 of them
  8. is subject to intrepretation. The old red boat failed inspection @ Caesar Creek for no fire extinguisher. Outboard motor (tiller) w/removeable/remote tank completely exposed, but inspector said that the floor in my boat was not considered "open construction." Not the first time I'd been inspected but the only time I've failed.

    Cost me $26 (fire extinguisher) @ the nearest bait shop to launch that day.
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    sounds llike the guy had his own interpretation.i think i would have pursued it just to get further clarification.but still,i advise carrying one(required or not)of all the times i've been inspected,not one saw it that boat also has a built up floor.
    in fact a couple officers mentioned the fact that i did not need one because the deck was open in the back.
    i did have one tell me i needed a whistle,which was also wrong according to all others.
  10. The anchor requirement includes two presumptions. The anchor is large enough and of a design that it can reasonably hold your boat. The rope is both long enough and stout enough to do the same.

    Read the USCG info about anchoring and the recommendations about line out, water depth, and an anchor chain. You won't get busted for any of this...but its good to know and consider when outfitting your boat.
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    just to want clear up an earlier point.i just read a post in the erie forum about fire extinguishers,which clarifies the law.
    cincinnati mentioned being ticketed due to his floor,and i questioned seems we are both right in a way,LOL.from what i read,if the floor is not sealed and foam filled,a fire extiguisher IS boats like mine,with a sealed and foam filled floor,it is NOT mandatory.i don't know where that info can be found,as i never read it in the dnr's requirements on their site.but it must be somewhere in the dow regs which are probably more detailed.
    here are the rules mentioned in the other thread.