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  1. Please remember that I am a first time boater and boat owner before you laugh too hard.

    This past weekend Misfit was nice enough to put my fish finder on for me. I just stood back and watched the master at work. ;) Well anyways we (I really mean he but we sounds better :D ) got it all set up and we hooked it up to his battery and boy does it look purdy. I looked at his battery so now I know the one I think I will buy. My question is. Is a marine battery just like a car battery? Will it be ok if it is not charged or used for an extended amount of time? Like over the winter, or over the course of a couple of weeks? I know I won't get to fish as much as I want to so it won't be charged and ran down all that often. Do I need to keep it charging all the time? Do I need to completely drain the battery before I charge it or can I just use it and charge it when I get back? By the way my boat is stored in a garage that is detatched with no electric hook ups or heat. Do I need to store my battery and fish finder in the house over the winter or will they be ok to be out in the garage?

    Thanks everyone.
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    tony,you need to charge it after each can sit for awhile,but i'd throw the charger on it before a trip if it's sat more than a couple weeks.if you have an automatic charger,you can leave it hooked up till needed,and it will maintain the battery,but shut off at full charge.long periods of storage,you'll need to hook it up about once a month to keep it charged,and don't leave it in the cold.

  3. No, a marine is not the same. I would always charge after using. You do not need to totally discharge. I prefer to store my finder and batterys inside and put battery on charger overnight every two months during winter. This is my

    Misfit beat me to it!!!!:D
  4. Thanks guys. I think the charger that I bought has a "maintenace" charge on it. I will make sure to bring the battery and fishfinder in during the winter. Thanks again guys.
  5. We are all guilty of completely draining a deep cycle battery at one time or another when our 4 hour fishing trips turn into 9 hours :rolleyes: . Unfortunately that's the best way to shorten the life of a trolling battery.
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    They recommend what eveyone has said, best to charge it back up asap after using. The longer it stays discharged, the shorter the life of the battery.
    I wasn't always aware of that & sometimes I would wait until a day or two before I was going fishing again to put the charger on it, now I hook it up when I return from the water. Someday when I'm in the chips again, I'm going to install an onboard charger. ;)
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    you also may want to consider a second battery on board, as a "spare" or even hooked up for an extended charge. I can't tell from your original post if you have your fish finder hooked up to the same battery as your outboard, or if you have 1 or 2 batteries.
    these days, they make devices that provide a "quick charge" to turn over your motor if your battery drains out on the water. May want to think about one of these, or keeping a charged "spare" on board.....when I got my boat 4 summers ago I unknowingly drained my battery so low I couldn't get my outboard turned over.......made for an interesting story (now have things wired differently so that won't happen again).
  8. hhmmmm... tell us the story! - Somehow I imagine that I was involved.
  9. Thanks for the additional information guys.

    eeeek38 my ff is hooked to the same battery as my trolling motor. My outboard is a pull start (using mrfishohio's words) I'm not in the chips to have a electric start motor. I only have 1 battery.
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    After a few uses of your trolling motor/fish finder, you'll figure out how long your battery charge holds per trip (3-4 hours, maybe longer....depends on how hard you work your trolling motor), if it doesn't hold long enough for you (depends on how long you fish each time out), that's when you may want to consider 2 batteries.....lots of variables that affect how long your battery will hold a charge. recharge it as soon as you get home and have fun with your new fish finder, good fishing this Spring!
  11. I will have to keep an eye on it. I will keep all that in mind. Thanks again for everyone's help. Good luck to everyone this year.