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Need some help rigging a bike.

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Bubba bass bigfoot, Jun 5, 2007.

  1. Bubba bass bigfoot

    Bubba bass bigfoot Lucky Fisher, or skilled?

    you guys got any ideas on holding rods to you bike. should i just get some rod holders and mount them to it or what. Thanks for the help.
  2. SConner

    SConner Fish Whisperer

    Motorcycle or bicycle?

  3. harle96

    harle96 Draggin Meat

    I'm assuming your not trolling for Cleveland's 4 legged creatures that are nocturnal.

    An army duffle bag is big enough for tackle box, 2 rods and lunch.

    I used to use mine as a back pack. Worked great.

  4. Bubba bass bigfoot

    Bubba bass bigfoot Lucky Fisher, or skilled?

    it will be a byicycle. I'm thinking of just useing a back pack, thats what i do when i wade.
  5. SConner

    SConner Fish Whisperer

  6. walleye warrior

    walleye warrior Clearfork Muskie Addict

    I know the guy who sells these, they work like a charm

    let me know if anyone is interested, as i can get them for you. hopefully at a discount.
  7. PVC tubes, sealed at one end and a removable cap at the other. You can buy these but they are easy to make with a trip to the home improvement store. Where you put them on your bike is up to you but they will protect your rod if your bike falls or you have anything unexpected happen. If you wrap the rod/reel in something before inserting into the tube this will also keep vibration to a minimum and your rod will reach its destination just as you put it in there.
  8. Ultralight

    Ultralight Crupi Wannabe

    I use my 6ft 2piece and a pack rod that go into a backpack with a Plano 3700 tacklebox. Ride to several different spots on the river. Combined with a little food, I can fish several spots, get some exercise and have a picnic.

    My idea of a good day!

    Glad to see people riding their bike to fish. Keep it up Bubba.