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  1. Orlando

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    Somehow my daughter cracked the screen on her R51 Thinkpad that I got her for Christmas. Shes almost more upset than me.What is the cheapest way to get this fixed? I have found sites that sell them at all diferent prices. Any ideas? Thanks
  2. Iron_Chef_CD

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    I would check the warranty. Not sure what plan you have or what it may come with but I would call the manufacturer. They will probably ask you for your serial number and be able to tell you what if any warranty you may have. Not sure if it will be covered but it's worth a shot.

    If not just shop around for the cheapest deal. In some cases it's cheaper to buy a new laptop as opposed to replacing a part... Most major computer stores have laptop repair and can give you a qoute and there's also the laptop guy and his goofy dog who specialize in laptops. Good Luck.

  3. the other think you can do is buy just the screen on ebay. I had some of them, but shipped all to Poland :) They are prety easy to replace. Just get the right one!
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    i have a T41, and i bought a replacement from ebay