Need some help guessing weight!

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  1. :B I just returned from my spot on the GMR, where I was looking for smallies. Using a 6' ultra light, with 4# mono and a rebel craw, I hooked into a huge carp. Didn't have a scale, but marked its length against my rod--roughly 27". Took about 10 minutes to land him (felt like an hour!), with my drag singing most of the time.
    I'm guessing about 8-10 lbs. Any ideas? Sorry no photo--wasn't expecting a fish worthy of a pic!
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    My boy got a 28 1/2" carp last year on light line fishing for gills. Lots of fun on light line!! She went 9lb 13 oz. I'm sure you had a BALL!!!


  3. Probably the most fun I've had catching a fish!
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    Your estimate is right
    This was A 27in. F.O. it weighed a lil over 10