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  1. Ok, I'm new to the Cincinnati area right next to Kings Island, (Formerly Columbus) so I will like to fish the Ohio rivers for saugeyes and catfish. My problems is, I don't know were to but in at on the river (boat ramp or directions). I here people talking about skip jacks, how do you catch those and where? Again I've never been there so any information will be appreciated. I'm not looking for you honey holes, depth and structure will be fine. Thanks in advance.
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    Meldhals a good place when the conditions are right. If ya search for skipjacks on the forums you fill a lot of post in regards to how the catch them. White twistertails are a good start if you want to keep it simple.

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    Fishman Catch bait???

    I-71S to 275E to 52E till ya see the dam on the right.

    Not sure how to get to the Kentucky side, but there are post on that as well here.
  4. There is a nice boat ramp in Neville, about a mile south of the dam on OHIO side, if you are fishing from a boat.
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    Cant help you on the put ins, but being Im lived in Cincy for four years, my heart goes out to anyone stuck anywhere near 275, especially with all that bs road construction they have goin on right now.

    For skippies, you can do one of the following- Go to bass pro shops and get the smallest size sabiki rigs they offer, then cut the extra hooks off them (I fish with three), or go to their fly fishing department and get some white crystal flash and some size 18 wet fly hooks.

    Take the hook and dab some super glue on the shank, wrap the crystal flash around the shank 6 or 7 times, cut it and roll the tag end into the glue. takes about 5 seconds to make one. I fish these with two or three on a line with a split shot for casting weight. There really isnt a kill em all everytime technique for them, some times you have to burn it back in, sometimes you have to just let it roll with the current, sometimes somewhere in between.

    Modify the "fly" as you see fit, I like the small hooks because it lets me hook darn near any size skippy that is there, and I especially like the smaller ones for bait. Granted Im fishing way way upstream of you mostly in the racine area, but it shouldnt vary that much.
  6. For boat ramps and bank fishing spots between Cincinnati up to Meldahl check out my web page
    Skipjacks can be caught right down at the Public Landing and the Covington ky side of the Licking River during the Summer time. For bigger skipjacks either Medhal or below the Markland dam.
    You can also check out a power point I made up on Youtube about skipjacks and type of lures that can be used. There is GOOD catfishing right in the downtown area of the Ohio River. The public landing is a FREE Ramp. Tight lines
  7. Yes, I have a boat, my son and I catfish from time to time, but have never caught a fish over 6 lbs. so I thought we give the Ohio river a try, it sounds like I better up grade my fishing tackle too, I have two catfish pole, but my heavyest pole is 17 pound mono, question, how heavy should i go?