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  1. man its been a while. well my uncle has a fridge that dont work no longer. It is two door verticaly. I figured i could flip it on its side doors up and use it as a bait tank since i go fishing for catfish just about every week. Any advice on wat to do. i will be keeping it most likely at my friends out side. we would keep the doors on it, since we will be keepin chubs and they tend to jump. ANthing would be greatly apreicated. thank you.

    ( i also received 250 dollars to bass pro shop in gift cards over the holidays so anything i could buy there that would help?)
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    nope, sent it to me and i'll use it:)

    are you sure this frige is "leak proof"? if so, id pull the doors off and build some type of screened frame to go over it and hook up a pump to shoot a stream of water into it to act like an aerator.

  3. I would think sealing it would be the hard part. The fan and electrical fixtures are probably in the back, which would be the bottom once you flipped it. I agree that you should take the doors of and cover it with something else, you need fresh air to provide oxygen into the water. Get an aquarium or pond pump to aerate the water and you should be all set.

  4. Too bad it doesn't work anymore cause you're going to have to cool the water somehow.