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Need Some Advice

Discussion in 'Bucks and Does' started by Richs63Corvair, Oct 17, 2004.

  1. Today I found 3 scrapes and sprayed Jackies doe pee in them. Should have I done that ? Tomorrow should I use doe pee or Tinks buck lure or just leave them alone and hunt close to them.............Thanks...............Rich
  2. Leave them alone if they remain active. Be darn careful approaching them so you don't stink the place up with a lot of human scent.
    Find a good stand 40 to 60 yards downwind of the scrapes and see what happens. The buck will normally approach the scrape from the downwind side so he can check it out by flemming prior to actually visiting the scrape.

  3. Geez,
    You can just wait for the messages to roll in.
    I would not touch them, and like shortdrift said, keep away to minimize your scent around them. They say that deer mostly check the scrape during the night, However, many videos show them checking them during the day. Either way, you know a buck has frequented the area.

    In Whitetail:The Ultimate Challenge, C. Alsheimer writes-70% of all scraping activity occurs in the cover of darkness. However, primary scrapes are often buck magnets, places where I do most of my hunting. (P.62)

  4. Thanks Ron. I put my ground blind 40 or so yards downwind from them this morning. Should I use some buck lure on a wick in the area by me ? Also I didn't forget about taking you to Cinnamon Lake for some ice fishing this year. Thanks again..........Rich