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Need skeg weld repair to Merc 40hp

Discussion in 'Boats and Motors' started by ohiojmj, Jun 6, 2005.

  1. I left a chunk of my skeg in canada last week, ironically at Lake Mistinikon, Ontario near an aluminum bauxite mine. The back corner is busted off, with approximately 30% of entire skeg gone.

    Can someone recommend a good repair shop in Akron, Ohio or at least northeast Ohio.

    I can use a reasonably priced prop as well (10.5 x 13) if someone knows of a web deal. I busted my replacement prop, a Hustler with the separate hub assy - it saved my lower unit but even the hub looks like pieces sheared off sacrificially.
  2. Dang Ohiojmj! That stinks! Unfortunately I cannot provide any assistance with the motor repair. I hope that you caught plenty of fish to offset that misfortune.

  3. BKR, see my post in out of state/ohio section....I consider a replacement prop and skeg repair typical if you're toying with unfamiliar rocky Canadian lakes. I had experienced partners but mistake made, I was able to repalce prop, check lower unit (no leaks), and continue fishing....after the sick feeling at first as we were probably 6-7 miles from camp at 10:30 pm dark.....bottom line: no one hurt, that's what counts, a little money can fix the rest....if i didn;t wat to take a little risk, i'd be surfing this site and virtual fishing tii i need glasses.....