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Need saugeye help

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Pete Moss, May 13, 2004.

  1. I am planning to go Atwood next week to fish for Saugeyes. I have never fished for them before. Can anyone give me some advice on lures. etc.
    Much Appreciated.
  2. JakeFr5150

    JakeFr5150 Mr. Bug Rod

    I started fishing for Saugeye last year myself. Its pretty easy to pick up actually. It was a big change for me at first because I almost always fish ultralight rigs, so using a medium power rod took a little getting used to.

    I don't have a boat, so I pretty much fish below dams on reservoirs - any place where there is turbid water that is reasonably deep. Most dependable lures I use are Smithwick Rattling Rogues and Suspending Rogues. Mostly use 1/3 oz size, although I may pick up a few of the limited edition 1/4 ones out now. Best colors are anything bright - Firetiger, Chartreuse, and Silver. White Twister Tails are good too, but I lose too many jigheads - gets annoying.

    Hope this is a some help,

  3. Jake gave great advice on the Smithwicks; saugeye love those things for some reason. I've had luck with bumping the Smithwicks off the bottom. In addition, I would mention to look for "mudlines". Saugeyes seem to congregate along mudlines and along wind-blown shorelines. I've not fished Atwood but these tips helped me catch more saugeye at the lakes where I've fished them.