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  1. Ok, lets see how good you guys are. I'm thinking of a lake that's located in Medina. It's a public lake off of Rt 18 I believe!! not positive. It's also not to far from the highway.(71) You can fish one long bank only from shore. There is private property across the lake. There is a small parking lot, maybe 10-15 cars. From the lot to the lake is about 70 yards through some wooded area, on a path. The lake reminds me of a Wellington Up. The bank you can access is a rip rap bank. Does this ring a bell? Since there is limited access during summer to the lake, I was wondering what the law is for ice fishing the lake. Any help:confused: :confused:

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    Dude, I remember that lake from YEARS ago, the 1st time I was there i was introduced to Wacky worm fishin, I remember you enter off the highway hit a parkin lot short trek to lake, decent Bassin, was it you I was with or maybe this cat named Leo, it should be some good Icin if you're allowed, on the west bank I think there was sort of a jut out into the lake [riprap] etc. talk about a flashback. Give me a ring OK
  3. Hey thanks Chippewa! That's the one! it's been ages since I have been.
  4. The public part of the lake is now run by the Medina park district. Therefore, you can put a boat on it (no launch, though) with electric or manual power. You can also ice fish it. Fished it a few years ago thru the ice and caught a bunch of 3"-5" perch. Haven't heard if they are stocking it or not. Was a nice lake for bass and big bluegills.
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    how would you ever get a boat up to the lake?
  6. I have a set of wheels that strap around the front of the canoe. I can fill the canoe with gear, walk it down the path to the water (like a wheelbarrow), roll or carry it in over the rocks. Haven't really caught anything out of there that makes it worth the effort unless I'm bored or ready for a challenge to find the couple of nice fish in there.