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Need info on a boat/thing

Discussion in 'OGF Marketplace' started by Audio_1, Jun 2, 2007.

  1. Audio_1


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    My brother purchased this electric boat from some guy. I can not find any other info about it other than it was made by Fin & Feather CO. of Marshall TX. and it was made in the 80's. From a sticker i would assume the model is named "electric feather pirogue" It has a little electric motor in it that runs off of a boat battery, you can select speed and fwd/rev left/right. He wants me to sell it for him, but we have no other info on this thing and can not find much out. I was wondering if any of you may know more about this such as what it retailed for and how many were made, other details like that. I am looking to throw it up on Ebay, but you may be able to work something out with my brother. here are some pics. If you would like to see more just pm me.

  2. Toxic

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    That probably would make a nice layout boat for duck hunting for someone.

  3. feetdown

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    I would be interested if the Price was right......
  4. Shamy


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    Hello everyone. I have the exact same boat only it is yellow.

    I have scoured the internet looking for any info on the boat and this is the only thing I could find.

    Does anyone have any information regarding this boat? Perhaps you sent it in a pm? Please pm me with any information what so ever.

    For what it's worth it is one hell of a boat. I use it in the Mass and NH salt waters for striped bass fishing and it is just so much fun in this boat.