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  1. I have an old ugly porch roof that my wife and I would like to replace. I am not sure what the old on is made of, my guess is fiberglass. It is an eyesore, and I need some ideas of what to replace it with.

    The only thing I can think of is to replace the material with a similar material but a newer color/style if it was availible, or remove the whole structure and have someone build a extension roof from the 1st floor roof out.

    My wife and I are on different sides of what to do so I figure I will hang it out there and get some different perspectives on it, so any ideas or commentsare welcome.

    Here are some photos to give you an idea, if you need more let me know.

    Also anyone in the Lima area who would be interested in taking a project like this on, shoot me a pm.

    Thanks for the help.

  2. How much time do you spend out there? Looks to be significant amounts based on the number of things you have sitting out on the porch...

    Have you seen the roll-away awnings that attach to your house (like those on a motor-home)? They are very nice...

    Which direction does the porch face (i.e. is it 100% sun)? Reason I ask is that my in-laws had a lattice-type of "roof" put over their 2nd story deck (faces south) that breaks up the sun and provides enough shade so that they can sit out there on the warmest of summer days. Now..they obviously cannot sit out there when it is raining...but it looks great, and you can get it colored to match your siding on your house if you wish.

    Just some ideas...they found a contractor quite easily in the Cleveland area to do the job for them. Took about a day and a half to get it done.

  3. We do spend a lot of time out there, the kids play in the yard and we sit up there and watch when not playing with them.

    The porch faces North, it gets a fair amount of rain that usually comes from the west.

    The roll up awning would be okay in the backyard, but since this is the front of our house I am not sure how good that would look or help when when/if ever we resell.
  4. assuming the framing is sound... ditch the fiberglass...add 1x4 stringers (2'centers) and install paintad galv. metal...looks great(if done PROPERLY) and will last for YEARS as well as add resale me if you want...20+ yrs as a roofer/foreman the last 14...Jeff...
  5. Looks in the picture like it might have mildew on it. Have you tried cleaning it to kill the mildew? Some bleach and a little dish detergent in water??? Never know it might come out like new.
  6. Do they sell the galvanized metal in sheets like the fiberglass comes in? I am gonna look online to try to find some pictures of what you mean because I don't think I have seen a roof like that, but it sounds like it might work.

    The frame seems to be just fine, nothing wrong with the structure, just bad aesthetics.

    I took the power washer to it a couple of days ago. It does have mildew, but we don't like the look of the fiberglass all together, the color does not match anything. Thanks for the idea though, I need to get that moss.algae off the roof also.
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    how about a florida room?
    that way you could enjoy it during the winter months and just use it as a screened room in the nice weather.

  8. We have a room at the back of our house that has a hot tub in it and is set up like a Florida room, or else I would be all over that idea.

    I think the cost is holding us back at this point from completely removing it and building some sort of structure.
  9. most lumber yards will have the metal roofing in many colors...sold in 8' 10' 12' etc. sheets...
  10. If it faces North, you are going to continually fight mildew and algae growth here in Ohio, regardless of what type of material you use for it.
  11. What ever you end up with stay away from the roll up, they are a pain, and mildew worse than anything. They also draw wasps like crazy, I can show you mine and you will understand. I would extend the first floor roof and be glad I spent the extra $.
  12. If you don't mind the style I would look further in to what Blue Max suggested. If it is a mildew problem who knows what the material will look like once it is cleaned up. And as was mentioned you will be dealing with mildew on a north side regardless of what you put up. Cleaning it only will save big bucks.
  13. i dissagree with that...