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  1. Hoping to fish the hocking this weekend in the nelsonville/athens area. Now from around there so no idea as to how the river is fishing and where to start. Any general advice would be appreciated.
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    Depends on what your fihng for?
    Smallies stay in Nelsonville or above, use Twister tail grubs, Bitsy bugs, Rapalas, Any bait of that Nature. If fishing for some Eyes, Pretty much anywhere below Whites Mill in Athens on Union St. will work , Again use Twist tail grubs, Shallow Shad Raps , Or Live Minnows, Crappie are bitting pretty good on the Hocking Also.

  3. any where to camp between logan and athens to make an over night trip?
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    I've fished up and down that river, and Mini Rat-L-Traps always work for me. The red crawdad color has been working lately, but i'm sure thats not the only color you could use. You don't have to limit your fishing to one species if you use this.
  5. i wouldnt mind fishing for some eyes considering the rivers up here dont have them. If I were to start at Whites Mill and would up be able to wade up/down river from there? I also wanted to ask about that short canoe trip i have read about in nelsonville. Is it worth it? Can you pull ur canoe on the bank and fish for a while or no? If I were to fish Nelsonville for smallies where would be a good access point to start?
  6. I just checked the weather and it looks like rain. What is a good flow for the hocking so i can check when I am down there to see if it is fishable.. thanks
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    If you start at Whites Mill you want to wade DOWN river.There are 2 great exiting points from there one is Stimson Ave.bridge the other is The Richland Ave. Bridge. If theres 2 people fishing with you, And you have acsess to 2 vehicles park on down stream to avoid walking back up River so far, If not the Bike path makes for an easy walk back.If you are fishing Whites Mill , I would suggest going to WalMart first and Buying a few Shallow running shad Raps , Baby bass color, I promise you wont be sorry!
  8. Anyone know of any good entry points to wade the river north of Nelsonville? I've fished a couple spots as far north as Hide-Away Hills, but the river isn't as big there, more like a creek, or is that even technically the Hocking?
  9. AnthHol,
    I'm just trying to learn the Hocking River too. I did that short canoe trip from the Hocking Hills Livery recently and I'd say it was a pretty nice and easy float with a flat water the last couple miles. The upper part of the trip had more rock/gravel and swifter water and seemed more productive. I'd do their longer trip and concentrate more on the upriver section if I had to do it again. I had little trouble pulling over during any of the float to fish. Didn't have much luck though another fisher did catch a large number of small smallies. He was using smaller spinners. The general feeling is that there is better smallie fishing between Logan and Nelsonville, but I'm just learning the area too.
  10. I lived in Nelsonville about 16 years ago. We used to catch helgramites under the rocks on the bank. Hook them through the tail with no bobber or weight, throw them out and let the current take them. I don't know how it is now, but you used to get nice smallies every other cast. Also did very well with very small rapalas pulled back up against the current. The rainbow trout colored ones always seemed to be the best producers. Posted this reply on another thread. Hope it helps