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  1. i'm going on vacation and i want to bring some lures with me i am flying on continental airlines can someone please tell me how you bring fishing tackle
  2. Toxic

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    I don't know of any restrictions for fishing tackle other than knives obviously. But to be safe, I would not place them in my carry on baggage to be safe. I would check the TSA site for better clarification. Good luck where ever your going.

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    Like Toxic said, it will have to be in your checked luggage. When I travel by air and want to take more gear than just a few things I send my stuff ahead of time with UPS, either to a friend or to my hotel. It's pretty cheap, espicially now that airlines are charging for checked bags :( , and I've never had a problem with lost or damaged gear. I like to hunt/fish with my own crap and sometimes trying to fly with it isn't too practical.
  4. papaw's right on with mailing them if you can - otherwise - like they said it will have to be in your checked luggage.
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    Put your tackle in a hard plastic case and put in your check-in luggage. If you are taking poles, you must have a rigid pole case. Don't take your expensive rods as I've seen too many cases crushed on the ends and the pole tips snapped off.

    Fishing Equipment

    Continental accepts one item of fishing equipment per customer as checked baggage. An item of fishing equipment consists of the following:
    1 landing net
    1 pair of fishing boots
    1 tackle box. All items must be properly encased in a suitable container not to exceed a total of 115 linear inches (L + W + H).
    Fishing equipment over 80 inches in length will not be accepted as checked baggage on any itinerary involving a Continental Express* or Continental Connection flight.
    If applicable, the second bag fee ($25) applies to fishing equipment.
    Fishing equipment carried in addition to the baggage allowance will be assessed at the current excess baggage charge for a single piece, whether or not it is presented as a single piece.
    Continental is not liable for damage to Fishing equipment.
    Excess Valuation may not be purchased for Fishing equipment.