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  1. I have a 18-3ft bowrider boat, weighs about 1500lbs what kind of trolling motor should i get for it? i guess what size thrust? bow or transom mount? electric or gas?
  2. anybody have a suggestion, before i go and waste my money

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    I've got an 18' Ranger that would be close to the same weight as your boat and I am using a 71lb thrust. It will do 3mph with the trolling motor if the conditions are right. Mine is bow mount and I love it... definitely get a lot better control that way.
  4. Not seeing your would be a good idea to know the height of the bow first in order to figure out what length of shaft you'll need. You don't want to get one that's too short! Next would be how many batteries are going to commit to it? one=12v two==24v etc. Wiring configuration and installation would be next, etc, etc. I would take your boat to the nearest marina/dealership and ask LOTS of questions (not nesassarily have them install it) If your boat didn't come with one, chances are its not wired for it either. Hope this helps.
  5. Also depends where you want to use your boat.
    If it is on electric only lakes, or you are after bass in shallow waters, then go that route.

    I would not part with my Nissan 5 HP, 4 stroke. Troll Erie for hours with negligible gas consumption. Very quiet. Great comfort to know I have a dependable backup. When batteries go dead it is a lonesome feeling out there.