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  1. My brother is getting married in a few weeks and im wanting to take him on a weekend fishing trip before hes fishing days are done :) but i was hoping someone could tell me about a good catfishing lake or river just anywhere
    any help is great
  2. Where are you located? Are you shore fishing or boating?

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    WHAT!!!!!!!!!! fishing days done!!!!!!!!!!! I think you better save him if that is the case!:p
  4. Some brother you are! How could you let him do it man. If only I had someone to stop me from making that mistake....Twice. :p Seriously though check out Lake Shawn. I've never been there but a group of us were talking about it. Check out their web site. just google search "Lake Shawn" and you'll find it. Looks like a very cool place and a lot of big fish. It sayes they got channels over 20lbs pluss big lm bass and even Striped bass. Boat rentals are included in the cabin price. It's a little expencive but cheeper than a night of strippers and beer could be:p
  5. the cats are biting just about anywhere at mosquito, around the edges of weed beds would be probaly the be place to start, i heard they are also geting some off the rt 88 causeway. i was on the causeway this moring got one crappie,1 perch and one nice 20" channel cat i wasnt fishing for them
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    Take him to the Ohio River!! Guaranteed to catch lots and surely they'll be some bigguns in the bag!!!
  7. Ive been trying to talk him out of it But i live in wooster if that helps
  8. Try atwood or alum creek they are realtively close. Mosquito does have the best causeway for flatheads. Nimisila is good, too. Moggie is good for channels, but u could prob do just as good closer to wooster.
  9. Ok thanks i just moved to wooster few months back but i havent heard of to many good lakes real close do you know of any
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    charles mill lake is close to you, it's near rt. 30 east of I-71, at the mansfield exit. It's a good saugeye lake, and channel cat spot, decent bass also, and i think there are white/hybrid stripers in the lake also. Good panfish lake too.
  11. Ive been fishing the mill for awhile i dont know if its me or what but i get skunked all the time