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  1. I need some help here folks.

    I just bought this boat. Its a 1984 255 Baha w/230 hp Merc mid-engine inboard. Is it me or does the bow seem to be low in the water??? The gas tank is empty and large (I think 100-120 gallons) and sits in the rear of the boat. When I fill this boat up will it make it sit right or do I have problems I need to know about!!!

    I've looked under the cuddy and don't see anything (like water) that makes me suspect.

    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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    yes, the bow does look to be sitting pretty low. not to sure you will ride over a wave like that. looks like you'll go under. i think that with a full tank of fuel, the entire boat will set even lower. i am by no means an expert, you are right, somethings up.

  3. Why I don't know but it definitly looks odd. I maybe picking fly sh** out of pepper here but the boat behind yours in the picture looks like it could be tilted the same direction, Could'nt be resting on the bottom in low water could it? I seen some pics of that around here recently. Just my thoughts anyway, good luck and good fishin!


    yea it does look like it is sitting funny with the fuel tank empty but if that fuel tank is that big and u fill it up it should definetly sit alot better in the water. but why it is sitting like that right now? i dont have a clue
  5. Its not sitting in low water --- I sent a pic off to Baha and hopefully they'll contact me !!??

    I hope I'm worrying for nothing but it does have me bothered. Wish someone here had one of these, from this year. :eek: