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need help with WB and Berlin

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by bakerjd, Jul 4, 2007.

  1. bakerjd

    bakerjd Some ol' dude

    My family just purchesed a tracker pro crappie 175 and we really love fishing. There's just one problem. My father and I are new to fishing(offshore) and we hardly have a clue about what we're doing. We could certainly use any suggestions anyone could give because we really need some help and would love to actually catch fish when we go, haha. I live in alliance so the two lakes i'll probably fish most are WB and Berlin. We love fishing for bass, not much for panfish but right now we'll take anything, lol. We'd really appreciate anything you can offer.
  2. Don't go fishing either of those(or Milton) during the daytime on a weekend day! If possible, try fishing these lakes very early morning or late evening into nightfall during the week.
    #2-Try trolling minnow imitations slowly over points to maybe from 18 to 5 ft. deep towards shore. If not into trolling, try casting these points or the outside edges of weedbeds with jigs tipped with half a crawler or minnows.

  3. I would stay away from berlin till your familiar with your boat and go with someone who really knows the lake, you can damage a prop real easy to say the least, there are ao many unmarked hazards and shallow areas. West branch is much easier to navigate, I can motor my 16' 70hp outboard right to shore just about anywhere at West Branch, at berlin thers'a not many places you can do that and I just hate Berlin mud, West Branch has sandy kinda mud I like it way better, just my opinion though.
  4. Help yourself out by downloading a map of each lake from the odnr website. They are free and although not the best, will help you get an idea of the lakes. Berlin had about 69 miles of shoreline but it is also about 2+ feet lower than summer pool right now due to the lack of rain. There is also an army corps of engineers website that lists the elevation of each lake on a daily basis. I can't remember the site but you can google the Pittsburg district of the army corps of engineers and find it through their homepage. Its a good idea because Berlin, especially, changes rapidly and props are just too expensive.
  5. snake69

    snake69 Equal opportunity fishing

  6. WB and Berlin both suite your rig well. I have fished both with mixed results. We have caught more nice fish (non-targeted species) while crappie fishing than we catch targeting other species.

    In the last yr we have gotten 28" northern, several 20-24" northern, countless cats, 21" walleye and 31" muskie all while crappie fishing. Minnows under bobbers on one rod .....while throwing jigheads with twisters on the other rod.

    Learn the lakes and your new boat. When you know your rig well.......dont forget that Erie is an awesome fishery with some great options for your sized boat.

    Best of luck and be safe out there.
  7. Erterbass

    Erterbass Ohio Angler

    Since you live in Alliance another option for fishing - if not for getting used to your boat - is Walborn Reservoir. There is a nice launch ramp there on Price Road.

    One of the things about being a new boater is learning all the tricks about stuff that seems really simple - like backing your boat/trailer down a ramp, how far to drop the trailer in the water before the boat floats off, how to reload the boat, etc. Walborn is a good place to try as you won't be waiting in a line of 15 boats and get nervous with people yelling at you for taking too long...:(

    Depending on the horsepower of your outboard you may be able to use it at Walborn (I think it is a 15hp limit.) There are a lot of spots to catch crappie, bass, panfish, and cats just cruising around the various drops and channels.

    If you have some electronics on your new boat you'll also be able to see a lot of different structure at Walborn like the above-mentioned drops, ledges, stumpfields and old creek channels.

    In any case - SAFETY FIRST! Boats are nothing like cars or any other motorized vehicle so you can't expect the same kinds of responses. If there is one tip I can give you regarding operating your boat:

    Don't try to power your way out of trouble - it only leads to more trouble.

    Have fun and keep us posted!

  8. bakerjd

    bakerjd Some ol' dude

    Thanks to everyone for your help. Most of it came in really handy while out on the water and i'm sure the rest is going to help out in the near future. On the first outing i was skunked:( but my dad did catch a 24 inch pike while we were casting spinnerbaits out at west branch. I tried west branch again today and had a better outing catching 2 smallies and a channel cat. (I'll post up the pics tonight incase you want to see them) I was throwing a texas-rigged worm out for the majority of the day. One question i do have though is what i should do during windy times/choppy water and how to fish crankbaits and spinnerbaits?...i'm in the blue with both. anything anyone can do to help would sure be great. but again, thank you to everyone. i really do appreciate it.

    ps, i have a 50hp outboard so i'm not sure i can go out on walborne...i really do want to though, heard a lot of good things and i've done a lot of shore fishing there with a little bit of luck.
  9. snag


    bakerjd, you can go on walborn with that motor ,BUT you,ll have to use you elec trolling motor only,it,s a 9.9 lake i,ve seen bass boats out there using there trolling motors only,it,s a nice quiet lake not as hetic as wb or berlin...
  10. bakerjd

    bakerjd Some ol' dude

    you know, i didnt even think of just using my trolling motor, lol. I think i might try my hand at walborne here next week then. thanks for bringing that up.