Need help with transum drain plug

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  1. I screwed up and forgot my buddies drain plug on the asphalt up at Ceasers Creek this past weekend. I went and found it but it has been run over a few times and is no longer usable. He made a temp one out of a filed down expanding plug to go fishing yesterday. The original one is a screw in one with an o-ring face seal.

    I have looked online and found numerous replacement ones that fit into a standard 1" hole but my friend says his is a welded bung so all I need is a new plug. Does anyone know where I can get one??? He has a mid 90's Tracker aluminum V-haul 17.5' I think.
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    what size? and thread per inch?

  3. I am unsure of the size or pitch since it pretty mangled up from being run over many times. I can not honestly tell you if is a straight or tapered NPT thread from it being so smashed. Looking through iboat it looks very close to the T-H marine supply nylon plug. In fact the plug I have appears to have a broken off teather that would appear to match the one in the picture. I will gamble and buy one of these and hope I can get it here by Thursday since we are leaving on a big fishing trip Friday morning.

    Thanks for your help. Cross your fingers it works and I don't need to use my lifevest.
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    can you use one of those expandable brass/rubber ones as a temp?